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Friday, April 08, 2011

Artist-programmer R. Luke DuBois has his own map of the U.S., and it’s not colored with red states and blue. DuBois doesn’t need the polls; he gathered his data from 19 million dating profiles. Politics, schmolitics – he wants to know what we really think about. Who’s shy, who’s bored, who’s sexy. And who wants to be spanked. Produced by Studio 360’s Eric Molinsky.







Slideshow: Mapping the Country’s Singles

Artist and computer programmer R. Luke DuBois created a new set of maps of the United States.  After trying online dating in 2008, he decided to use information in dating sites to map the country. This map shows the use of the word “lonely” in dating profiles; red colors represent women, blue colors represent men, and brighter colors mean more singles use the word.

The single and “bored,” according to DuBois’s findings.

The nation’s “sexy.”

The “shy.”

And the “crazy.”

DuBois wrote computer software to analyze about 19 million singles profiles from 21 different dating services.  He then replaced the names of cities and towns with the words that singles profiles in those cities and towns use more than anywhere else in the country.  This map shows Southern California, where Los Angeles singles use the word “acting” more than anywhere else.

DuBois’s word-map for the gulf coast of Texas.

Boston and the surrounding suburbs.

Northwest, Washington, DC.

Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Kurt Andersen’s old stomping grounds in eastern Nebraska.

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Eric Molinsky

Comments [5]

Ramona from CT

I'll take any Brooklyn hipster that puts "Dylan" in their profile...

May. 14 2011 10:56 PM
Biff Not Zeem from Seattle, WA

The map needs to filter out some words in south locations. For example, surprise, surprise, "gig" appears most frequently in Gig Harbor, WA and "sound" appears in a city on Puget Sound (Olympia, WA).

Apr. 11 2011 05:01 PM
Chandra from AZ

I love the sensation that no matter what color my state is, my neighbor's dreadful politics are hiding that he is just one lonely, trustworthy, sexy, spanker looking to become two.

Apr. 11 2011 02:03 AM
W. Scott Garside from Seattle, WA

A fascinating concept unfortunately rendered ineffective in the design of information presentation. One must understand the rules of color mixing to try and separate male and female data. Even then, it's a muddy interpretation.

A side-by-side display of gender data for each keyword would have been much readily understood and would have achieved the goal of all statistical data presentation; creating actionable information.

Edward Tufte's comments on this project would be an informative critique. And he would be a fabulous guest!

Thank you for yet another provocative program. Studio 360 is 'must-listening'!

Apr. 11 2011 01:17 AM
M.S. Green from Hingham, MA

This is amazing...I live in one of these towns, and the word fits perfectly!!!

Apr. 09 2011 04:00 PM

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