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Friday, April 22, 2011

Mouna Andraos has been fascinated by street vendors since her childhood in Lebanon.  She’s an artist and designer with no engineering background, but she has created a working portable street generator that uses a crank and a solar cell to charge cell phones and laptops.  Ada Lee Halofsky hit the New York City streets with Andraos to see Power Cart in action. (Originally aired: April 18, 2008)











Slideshow: See how the power cart works

Ada Lee Halofsky

With a collection of connectors at the ready, the Power Cart is equipped to charge just about any cell phone, mp3 player, or laptop.

Angela Pablo

On the side of the cart is a multi-meter and AC socket that Mouna Andraos has used for a lamp. A secret bar in the back holds wine bottles and glasses for those who wait for their charge.

Ada Lee Halofsky

The Power Cart is housed in wooden wine crates. Here at the Eyebeam lab, Andraos tries out a new lubricant on the laser-cut wooden gears.

Ada Lee Halofsky

Opening the front of the cart reveals a generator and a welter of wires.

Ada Lee Halofsky

A boating battery is about to be installed in the Power Cart.

Ada Lee Halofsky

Mouna Andraos looks on as mechanical engineer George Sidebotham evaluates the Power Cart. Though Andraos doesn’t have an engineering degree, she’s become proficient enough in electronics and circuitry to impress him.

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Ada Lee Halofsky

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