Aha Moment: Designer Karim Rashid

Aha Moment

Friday, May 20, 2011

Industrial designer Karim Rashid creates ordinary household objects known the world over: he has more than 3000 in production, including the Umbra “Oh Chair” and the Bobble Water Bottle which filters water as you drink.  He found his calling early, when his family crossed the Atlantic Ocean by ship to find a new home in Canada.

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Inevitably, there will be more than the usual amount of drinking and quite possibly a stripper. Your negative attitude to this can ruin the evening for him. He wants to make you happy – he has asked you to marry him! So, imposing unrealistic expectations or limitations, will mar what could just have been an evening of exuberance and letting off the steam of pre-wedding jitters. However, it is a good idea to spell out your limitations in terms of his behaviour (within reason).

Aug. 31 2011 06:10 AM

I spent two and a half years trying to find a way to make body painting worthy of a museum. During that time my photography of my body painting was simple documentation. After posting a simple G rated body painting, showing the model from the shoulders up, another body painter criticized my work saying, ‘Your not showing much body, I believe if you paint a body then show it all!.'

I chuckled at the narrow-minded critic. With my next body painting, I tried very tight close-ups of the painted model. A-ha, the close-ups brought something entirely new to my body painting. The skin became a textured canvas. The wrinkles and imperfections of the flesh became an essential part of the image. The body painting and the photography became inseparable.

Unexpectedly I created photographs that do not look like photography, and paintings that can only be seen with a camera.

May. 29 2011 04:45 PM
James Bedell from NYC

It came at the end of high school. I was working on a production of A Christmas Carol as a "techie." My high school didn't have an advanced drama program, but we wanted to make every show amazing...just because.
When it came time for Ebenezer to be taken back in time to his childhood, I went to the old lever-style dimmers (the size of person) and started throwing the lights on and off cycling colors across the stage. The effect was coined "time-travel lights."

It was the first moment where I realized I had the power to help tell a story with lighting. I've been designing lighting 13 years ever since.

May. 24 2011 11:29 AM
Liliana Grip from Vestavia Hills, Alabama

At 60 and after a very successful series of high level jobs, I found myself unemployed at the end of April 2011. I wrote a poem and sent it as a joke to a friend who is a published poet and she said it was very good. When I sent her the second poem, she encouraged me to start a Blog, which I did last week. I've had a lot of positive feedback and I love having a creative outlet to help me through this transition.
Here is my blog:

May. 22 2011 01:31 PM
Billy Rayon from Wash. D . C

my 'a-ha' moment was :after hearing an interview on NPR about a book describing the author's experiences waiting tables.
I ve been doing it for 30 yrs
I wrote and illustrated my own book.(Separate Checks)
Vol. 2 is nearly ready.
here's my website :


May. 22 2011 01:38 AM

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