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David Simon's Treme & Rickie Lee Jones

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Actor Clarke Peters wears Mardi Gras Indian garb in the HBO series Treme. Actor Clarke Peters wears Mardi Gras Indian garb in the HBO series Treme. (Courtesy of HBO, Photo by Paul Schiraldi)

The writer and producer David Simon (best known for his hit series The Wire) talks New Orleans with Kurt Andersen. Simon’s HBO drama Treme is in its second season. Kermit Ruffins, who plays the trumpet and plays himself on Treme, shows us around his neighborhood. And folk rock songstress Rickie Lee Jones performs live in the studio.

David Simon's Treme

The recent flooding in Louisiana put New Orleans back on alert — but this time, the levees held, its rural neighbors were flooded, and the city was spared. The HBO drama Treme is s...

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Kermit Ruffins: Livin’ a Tremé Life

One of Treme's distinctions is the way it uses local people — real people — to play smaller roles. One of those characters is a trumpeter named Kermit Ruffins, played by New Orleans...


School of Pop

The 10th season of American Idol just ended last week — and its impressive ratings prove we’re still suckers for a pop star Cinderella story. But how do you get from singing in your ...

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Rickie Lee Jones

When young Rickie Lee Jones first got famous in 1979, Time called her "The Duchess of Coolsville." Jones, who is touring this summer, is still unimpeachably cool. Kurt Andersen spok...

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@Tupelo: Watch The Wire, and you what the NPR critics are talking about. I promise!

May. 30 2011 06:16 PM

I LOVE Treme! I never watched the Wire, but I do know that several NPR critics and show hosts worshipped the wire, yet, at least one of them dismissed Treme as a series they just couldn't "get". I cannot see why!!!
EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SERIES IS BRILLIANT. I just wish that the HBO website were more forthcoming with information about the musicians, whether they are the actual people we see on the screen, or whether they are behind the scenes. But, that is NOT the fault of the show itself. I watch it as many times as I can each week. Will it ever be available as a DVD set?

May. 29 2011 12:06 PM

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