The Normal Heart: The Story of AIDS for a New Generation : Slideshow

Friday, July 01, 2011

Larry Kramer, The Normal Heart, AIDS, Joe Mantello, John Benjamin Hickey,
Joan Marcus

Larry Kramer's play The Normal Heart dramatizes events that occurred during the 1980s AIDS epidemic. The character of Ned Weeks (Joe Mantello, left) is a stand-in for the playwright: a writer and an AIDS activist who falls in love with the closeted writer Felix Turner (Tony Award-winner John Benjamin Hickey, right).

Luke Macfarlane, Jim Parsons, Patrick Breen, The Lonely Heart, AIDS, Larry Kramer
Joan Marcus

Luke Macfarlane, Jim Parsons, and Patrick Breen (left-to-right) work the switchboard for an activist group fighting the epidemic. First staged in 1985 at the Public Theatre in New York City, The Normal Heart takes place in the early 1980s, just as the AIDS epidemic is starting to take hold, and kill an alarming number of gay men.

Lee Pace, Jim Parsons, Joe Mantello, Patrick Breen, Larry Kramer, The Lonely Heart
Joan Marcus

Lee Pace, Jim Parsons, Joe Mantello, and Patrick Breen (left-to-right) are activists struggling to force the news media, the government, and the public at large to pay attention to the AIDS crisis in the gay community.

Greg Ramsey, The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer, Broadway
Paul VanDeCarr

Greg Ramsey passes out letters from playwright Larry Kramer after each performance. They let the audience know that “everything in The Normal Heart happened. These were and are real people who lived and spoke and died.”