Episode #249

Spiegelman, Chabon, Comics

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Saturday, December 08, 2001

Kurt Andersen and illustrator Art Spiegelman storm the two-dimensional storytelling universe of comic books and comic strips. We fight evil with Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer and we'll hear from novelist Michael Chabon about the superheroes that inhabit The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Plus, a look at Tony Kushner's newest play, Homebody/Kabul and remembering George Harrison.


Art Spiegelman

Commentary: Culture's Comfort Food

There is an overload of comfort food culture, and Kurt Andersen wonders how long it will remain popular. 


Now Playing: Homebody/Kabul

Tony Kushner traces the bloody invasions of Afghanistan in his newest play, Homebody/Kabul, opening December 19 at the New York Theatre Workshop.


Art Spiegelman on Comics

Kurt Andersen and writer and cartoonist Art Spiegelman talk about the narrative and artistic spell of comics. 

Spiegelman is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Maus and Maus II. Since 1992 he has been a contributing editor and cover artist for The New Yorker. He is also the co-founder and editor ...


The Escapist

Michael Chabon, the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, tells us how comics reveal unintended things about their creators.


Silver Surfer

The smooth lines and defined muscles of a comic book character often make the pictures more interesting than the story they tell…


Grrl Comix

In the old days, comic books written for female readers tended to be soap operas and adolescent fantasies drawn by men. We talk to two female comic artists of different generations, Jessica Abel and Trina Robbins, about their work. 


Remembering George Harrison

We asked writer Tim Riley to reveal some of the things one might overlook about the former Beatle who passed away a week ago.