American Icons: Georgia O’keeffe’s Skull Paintings


Friday, September 02, 2011

“The men were all talking about the great American novel, the great American play,...the great American everything,” said Georgia O’Keeffe, who fled the East Coast art world for New Mexico. “So I thought . . . I’ll make it an American painting.”

O’Keeffe painted cow and deer skulls floating over delicate abstract landscapes of the New Mexico desert. An art historian, a tour guide, and an interior designer explain the appeal of the skulls; a retiree tells how their magnetism drew her to settle in the Southwest. Produced by Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler.

(Originally aired: November 12, 2010)

Check out the Georgia O'Keeffe slideshow on the feature page on our American Icons website.


Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler

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C. Dorn

To the artistically-challenged person who commented, "How is this any better or worse than they person who airbrushes Elvis after Elvis on velvet?"

How is a beautifully-grilled T-bone steak any better than a three-week-old ham sandwich from an automatic food dispenser? With that kind of 'taste' - you may not be able to answer that one right, either!!

The 'artist' who airbrushes Elvis after Elvis onto velvet has nowhere near the dimension, shading, form, handling of color, etc. that Georgia O Keeffe has. Take an art history class - and think about it...!!

Jul. 14 2012 04:24 PM

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