Returning Home on September 11, 2001


Friday, September 09, 2011

On the morning of September 11, I was in midtown Manhattan, so I walked south – downtown.  There I encountered the wave of refugees walking north, people still wearing white breathing masks, people in suits covered head to toe in dust and soot. 

And finally, after an eight mile hike, I arrived home to my wife and kids Brooklyn, where our little backyard was covered in scraps of paper – some pocked as if by shrapnel, some charred around the edges, pages of books and bits of business documents.

There was a memo to a contractor working on an electrical upgrade for the Twin Towers, and a loose-leaf page about fire doors…all of which had blasted out of the World Trade Center, then drifted over New York Harbor and down into my backyard.

I'm a writer. So on September 12th I got back to work, and started writing an essay about those strange, moving fragments of other people's lives, delivered to me from the sky. 

The essay that I wrote is here.

- Kurt Andersen

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John from Manhattan

WNYC should have done a lot more to educate New Yorkers about the 9/11 cover-up over the past decade. There is plenty of information about the controlled demolition theory that needs to be scrutinized by every credible expert for the benefit of New Yorkers and all Americans as part of WNYC regular weekly programming. You have had in-depth interviews on the most inane and inconsequential topics for the past decade while the horrible truth about 9/11 attacks on WTC languishes in oblivion.

This neglect by our free press has far reaching consequences such as the construction of an armor plated Freedom Tower at nearly 5 times the cost taking over 5 times the time to build as the replacement for the old twin towers that weren’t destroyed by planes crashing into them or the fires after the crash.

The real tragedy of 9/11 is that the truth has been concealed by the Mayors of New York City, the Governors of New York State, The US Congressional delegation from New York, the 9/11 Commission and the New York State legislature. Future generations of New Yorkers will view footage of the collapse of the WTC and conspiracy theory questions and wonder why these events were not properly investigated, unless they have been stupefied by an irresponsible free press and unaccountable compulsory public education.

Sep. 20 2011 02:37 AM

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