Episode #302

Outer Space, Aliens, Dinnerware

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Saturday, January 12, 2002

We go on an intergalactic adventure. Kurt Andersen and his guest, writer and producer Ann Druyan, talk about art's close encounters with outer space, from classical music to sci-fi films. And we take a look at the beginnings of "lifestyle" marketing, in Russel Wright's sleek and modern dinnerware. 


Ann Druyan

Commentary: Who's the New Brahms?

Kurt wonders what contemporary composers will become the future cannon — and why we don't know their names.


Design for the Real World: Dinnerware

Martha Stewart owes a lot to Mary and Russel Wright. Russel designed masterful dinnerware and objects for the home — and Mary invented the idea of selling a lifestyle.


Ann Druyan on Art and Outer Space

Kurt Andersen talks with science philosopher Ann Druyan about art and outer space. 

Druyan has written and produced TV programs about space, and conceived the film Contact in collaboration with her husband, the late astronomer Carl Sagan. She is a former philosopher and former secretary of the Federation of American ...


Joe Davis's Universe

Lu Olkowski looks at an artist and amateur scientist who believes we're sending the wrong messages to extraterrestrials.


Music of the Spheres

Allison Dean explores how the ancient Greeks' model of the structure of the universe still shapes our music.


Sci-Fi Genome

Kurt Andersen surveys the rich supply of alien characters in the movies. 


Space Age Obsession

A collecting confession from Simpsons writer George Meyer.