The Two Worlds of Gabriel Kahane

Interview & Performance

Friday, September 23, 2011

On a given weekend, you might find Gabriel Kahane performing a piano sonata in a concert hall… or stumble upon him at a bar, playing with a rock band. He composes classical music for chamber groups and orchestras — but he also writes and sings his own indie pop songs. 

These days, those two worlds are overlapping more and more, and young musicians like Kahane thrive in both environments. He tells Kurt Andersen, “I’m trying to create a dialogue between my pop songs and my concert music. It’s taking very often the same genetic material and just treating it differently.”

Kahane has just released a new record called Where are the Arms. He performs songs from it live in the studio, with a full band and a string quartet.




Bonus Track: “Icebox” live in Studio 360


Video: "Charming Disease"


Video: "Where Are the Arms"

    Music Playlist
  1. Piano Sonata III
    Artist: Gabriel Kahane
    Album: Where Are the Arms
  2. Calabash & Catamaran
    Artist: Gabriel Kahane
    Album: Where Are the Arms

    Performed live in Studio 360

  3. Winter Song
    Artist: Gabriel Kahane
    Album: Where Are the Arms


Gabriel Kahane

Produced by:

Leital Molad

Comments [2]

David from Marietta, GA

I definitely enjoyed this segment. He reminds me a good bit of Ben Folds, whom I also enjoy.

Sep. 30 2011 04:14 AM
Melissa from TX

Thank you for introducing me to such a unique and talented artist. I love Where Are the Arms.

Sep. 26 2011 11:05 AM

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