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Friday, November 11, 2011

For lots of people, Sarah Jessica Parker pretty much is her best-known character: Carrie Bradshaw. But over a dozen years after she first starred on Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker has moved on. Last year she helped launch a new reality TV series — in fact, the first reality show — about making fine art. The winner of the first season’s competition, an art teacher from Pennsylvania, got an exhibit in a major New York City art museum. Work of Art is now in its second season on Bravo. Parker told Kurt Andersen how she dreamed up the show: “My husband’s mother was a great painter, and she didn’t have the great success that I felt she should have."

Parker also tells Kurt about about her early roles as little orphan Annie on Broadway and a frizzy-haired teenager on Square Pegs. How much of the fictional Carrie is in the real Sarah Jessica? "Thirty percent," she says.

(Originally aired: May 28, 2010)

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Comments [9]

Mame from Silver Spring, MD

Yes, please tell us who performs the version of New York, New York at the end of the SJP segment!

Nov. 15 2011 06:27 PM

Essential reading: Winter's Tale by Helprin, as noted in interview. Don't put this off.

Nov. 14 2011 12:13 PM
David Scott Pearce from Washington, D.C.

That certainly is a prompt correction of a spelling error. Thank you.

Unlike the English Majors over at The Writer's Almanac, who usually correct about one in five major errors when I point them out, and this these are SEMS, Serious English Major Sins, of leaving words out of author's poems, or putting "lose" for "loose" in actual works of art, etc., and leaving them to petrify in the their archives, one day to reemerge like a prime number somewhere far in the future when poem is reprised on the web-site.

For the sins against those authors, they shall roast very gently over glowing coals wherever English Majors go when they pass on from here!

Just a joke. Settle down. Thank you.

Nov. 12 2011 04:15 PM
David Scott Pearce from Washington, D.C.

Dear Kurt,

It was so strange to hear your Sarah Jessica Parker piece on her show "Work of Art":

Just last night I listened to Podcast #444 about Gossip from This American Life, which originally aired on August 26, 2011.

I HOPE Sarah's show is not the show that is described in the fiction story in Act Two by Chicago writer Rebecca Makkai, the story of a reality television producer attempting to gossip love into existence—and just how complicated that gets. Rebecca's story is about a producer on a reality TV fine art show! Weird coincidence, or?

TAL #444 was an interesting episode.


Nov. 12 2011 03:20 PM
David Scott Pearce from Washington, D.C.

Can you spot the two spelling corrections I made in my second post, a post I made to complain about spelling? I guess I'll dismount my high horse now and be over here in the corner if you need me! :)

Nov. 12 2011 03:02 PM
David Scott Pearce from Washington, D.C.

Kurt, Dude, I like your show and consider you a friend and an interesting and good culture journalist. But I must seriously protest. Your show is better than this:

It's "Sex AND the City", not "IN" the city.

I thought I heard you pronounce it "IN" twice in the show, so I came here to the web-site to double-check. A la Claude Rains, I am "Shocked, shocked" to see that your text doesn't match the caption for the photo.

Thanks for the audio of Sarah in "Annie", and here's to keeping your interns on their toes, with the Spellcheck turned off, and the iPod earbuds firmly out of their ears!

Best wishes and thanks.

Nov. 12 2011 02:58 PM
Bill from Wayne, PA

Thanks for the ID, neighbor.

Nov. 12 2011 02:29 PM
Scott from Merion, PA

That is Cat Power from an album called Jukebox. Very nice version that also caught my fancy.

Nov. 12 2011 09:54 AM
Bill from Wayne, PA

Who performs the version of New York, New York at the end of the segment on Sarah Jessica Parker?


Nov. 12 2011 07:54 AM

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