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Isabel Toledo & Kerry Washington

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Friday, April 06, 2012

Fashion designer Isabel Toledo in her Manhattan Studio Fashion designer Isabel Toledo in her Manhattan Studio (Josh Rogosin)

Kurt Andersen visits the studio of Isabel and Ruben Toledo, who design and make clothes the old school way. Kerry Washington shows her mean streak as the star of Scandal, a new series about a publicist who specializes in VIP damage control. And the New Orleans rap group New Renaissance tries to clean up hip-hop’s Dirty South.

Appropriating Images for Art: When Is It Okay?

Last year the artist Richard Prince was sued by Patrick Cariou, a photographer, for copyright infringement. Prince had used dozens of Cariou’s pictures — arty portraits of Rastafarian...

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Significant Objects: More of Your Stories

Last month, we announced our Significant Object story contest. We picked out three objects from a thrift store — a doll ($5), a thermos with the Marlboro logo ($5), and a wooden tri...

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Kerry Washington Fixes Everything

In Scandal, Washington plays Olivia Pope, a DC lawyer-fixer who disappears the problems of her VIP clients.

Bonus Track: Striking a Scandalous Pose


New Orleans Rap Accentuates the Positive

New Orleans may be the birthplace of jazz, but for the last couple of decades its most influential music has been the city's Dirty South rap scene. The woozy celebration of ghetto l...


Isabel & Ruben Toledo: A Studio Visit

Over a couple of decades, Isabel Toledo quietly became one of the most sought-after fashion designers in the business. But in 2009, she experienced overnight global exposure when she...


Aha Moment: Kiss Alive!

Sergio Muñoz was only seven years old when he became a devotee of the band Kiss. He discovered the Alive! album in Tower Records and was mesmerized by the cover. Isolated and lonely, ...


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