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Mad Men Style & Fifty Shades of Grey

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris in a scene from Mad Men Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris in a scene from Mad Men (Jordin Althaus/AMC)

Ahead of the Mad Men finale this weekend, we decode the social mores of the 1960s through the wardrobes of Joan, Peggy, and Don. And as the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy pushes our social mores now, publishers and readers explain what all the fuss is about. Plus, Kurt Andersen talks with the writer Paul Theroux. His new novel, The Lower River, follows a former Peace Corps volunteer back to Malawi.

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Mad Men: Going Out in Style

Hand it to AMC's Mad Men: on its own, it has reshaped the way we think about the 1960s. Much of that is the work of costume designer Janie Bryant, whose outfits and shifts in style signal the tensions of 1960s America. Writer Tom Fitzgerald deconstructs the characters' clothes ...

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Finding the Next Fifty Shades of Grey

Sellers and publishers of books from all over the world convened in New York this week for their annual convention, Book Expo America. Conference discussions focused on e-books, social media, and self-publishing, but the real buzz was about a book: a dirty book. E.L. James ...

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Blushing Fifty Shades of Red

The erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, about a young woman named Anastasia and her bondage-loving boyfriend Christian, has been jumping off shelves (and into e-book download queues). Everybody’s reading it, but a book this risqué makes for some awkward conversations. What if ...

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We Redesign Canada, They Redesign Us

What would Canada and the US look like if we gave each other a makeover? Kurt Andersen joins forces with Jian Ghomeshi, host of the CBC’s daily arts and culture program Q, for our new redesign project. All through June, the two programs will be giving each countries' brand identities a jolt ...

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The Man Who Invented the Dinosaurs

Each of us can call to mind a clear image of many dinosaurs. That’s surprising, since no human ever set eyes on one. The images that we have derive largely from the work of one man, Charles R. Knight. A gifted wildlife painter at the end of the 19th century, Knight was ...

Slideshow: Charles R. Knight's dinosaurs


Paul Theroux's Narrow Escape

Writer Paul Theroux has visited most of the countries on Earth, traveling in a slow, observant way most of us never do. And his novels are often about people more or less like him: people who go somewhere alien and maybe find out who they are. In his new novel, The Lower River ...


Aha Moment: Doc Watson & Abigail Washburn

Doc Watson, a giant of American folk music, died last month at 89.  Watson’s guitar and banjo playing was a powerful force in the 1960s folk revival, and his long career inspired generations of musicians, among them Abigail Washburn. She was pursuing a career in international law based in China ...

Bonus Track: Abigail Washburn, “Burn Through” from City of Refuge


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Karin Warpula

I worked as a secretary at Benton & Bowles in the 1960's when they were at 666 Fifth Avenue. The characters in Mad Men bring back memories ...not all as I remember, but it's fun to watch the series.

Jun. 09 2012 11:26 AM

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