2013: Creative New Year's Resolutions

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Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 11:35 AM

What’s the creative project you’ve been meaning to bite off for years?  Finishing your novel?  Making a set of coffee cups that don’t collapse on the potter's wheel?  Or maybe it’s more of a creative challenge: writing a poem a day. Watching Kurosawa — every Kurosawa.

Let’s make 2013 the year to get it done!  And we’re here to help. 

Tell us your creative New Year's resolution in a comment below.

We’ll pick a few of you to check in on throughout the year.

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UPDATE 2/1: We've chosen four people to follow throughout the year — meet them here. Best of luck to everyone who declared a resolution!


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hugh hales-tooke from jersey city

I am shy about making my creative resolutions public as I am not sure I will be able to accomplish them and I'm always private about what I am working on until it seems like I can get it done - but perhaps going public will help keep me make at least some of these things happen. I have a number of creative resolutions spanning various art forms. The link is to a music video that I made for Laura Cantrell which went live in January. I am happy with how it worked out, but I did everything on it and it ended up taking a long time. I want to make at least one more for her, and I have other things I want to do too. I published a novel called 'Fat Little Telescope' in 2010 as an e book sold for $1, withdrew it as I wasn't happy with the ending, and for complicated reasons I want to publish it in print form this year. My biggest 2015 resolution is to film at least once scene from it. I want to get my friend Paul Chahidi involved. New York theatergoers will remember his role as Olivia in the Globe production of Twelfth Night (for which was nominated for a Tony) i want to ask him to play perhaps all of the characters.... but I haven't yet sent him a copy of the manuscript and have no idea if he will even like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L9Y-pVZuhg

Feb. 14 2015 11:59 AM

my intention this year is to create authentic experiences of community, service, and art.
i want to be of service this year and compile a book about the process. around the holidays, i gave my loved ones "gift certificates of service" stating one week during 2014 i would dedicate at minimum three hours of community service and three hours of creativity of my life to honor our relationship. then i would call them with updates about my service/creativity when their week came up. so far so good! i learned i am some kind of savant with an etch-a-sketch, finished binding the books i wrote last year, found an elderly buddy to spend time with, and have been volunteering at Alley's House. I've been taking pictures and writing along the way. some friends have even joined me in their lives with volunteering and following their own spark of creativity. upcoming projects include meals on wheels, building the iguana habitat, learning to cook banana bread, and finishing my mosaic.

Jan. 24 2014 03:48 PM

i want to be of service this year and compile a book about the process. around the holidays, i gave my loved ones "gift certificates of service" stating one week during 2014 i would dedicate at minimum three hours of community service and three hours of creativity of my life to honor our relationship. then i would call them with updates about my service/creativity when their week came up. so far so good! i learned i am some kind of savant with an etch-a-sketch, finished binding the books i wrote last year, found an elderly buddy to spend time with, and have been volunteering at Alley's House. I've been taking pictures and writing along the way. some friends have even joined me in their lives with volunteering and following their own spark of creativity. upcoming projects include meals on wheels, building the iguana habitat, learning to cook banana bread, and finishing my mosaic.

Jan. 24 2014 03:26 PM
Rena Silverman from New York, NY

I would like to perform with my renaissance lute just once this year, even if only in my living room to friends. I have never played it in front of anyone.

Dec. 15 2013 03:07 PM
Brenda Hayes from Riverdale, Maryland

2013 will be the year I finish the promo and production for my first documentary An Examned Life- a film in 3 parts featuring the relationship between African Americans and immigrant communities of color. As Dr. Vincent Harding said in his essay "Is America Possible? A letter to my young companions on the journey of Hope"-
" America's most important possibility for the world is not to dominate, threaten, or compete with, but to help each other in a search for common ground." An Examined Life, searches for and uncovers stories of hope and finding common ground, examining the steps culturally and ethnically different communities took to create coalesence instead of contention. I've been working on the documentary for close to a decade, I read somewhere that's par for the course in producing "1st" documentaries, "life happened/happens", but each step along this sojourn, has been one of growth and discovery. Thank you for this opportunity to share my creative resolution and possibly any help.

Feb. 10 2013 11:13 AM
Eric Clough from New York

I would like to inspire and kickstart 800 million people into mystery.

Jan. 28 2013 12:00 AM
Rikki Tahta from New York

To interview 200 random New Yorkers on what they really think about god. (not religion)

I love Studs Terkel and want to do for faith what he did in "Working". I am limiting it to New York to gain some limited extrapolation of the population and what they really believe when you dig below the tag line. 200 is a large enough group so you can get some holistic view, but manageable enough to conduct them all personally, and in depth, and hopefully in one year.

I started last week travelling around to do the interviews roughly in line with demographics of the last census so I don't just get to hear the thoughts of my own circle.

I have talked about this for 5+ years and finally set myself 2013 to do it, and produce some (e)book at the end. My ideal would be to have something I can hand to my nephews, nieces and godchildren as they get to the questioning age to give them some color, help or just relief that adults don't have neat answers and maybe inspire them to genuinely search for themselves.

It came about as I have a faith...with plenty of doubt. (I don't fit neatly into any religion) In my own regular search I have always been enormously inspired by other peoples stories and hence wanting to do this.

(The idea of mentioning this here came from someone I randomly interviewed yesterday who told me about this)

Jan. 25 2013 04:34 PM

I was supposed to always be living a creative life! But for the past 20 years (painful to admit), I have been hijacked into working in "business" environments. I decided I would take my life back into Working in a creative environment--but I have failed. Sadly, I got the "stink" of being labeled a "Fundraiser" on me--and my resume--even though I feature all the writing and PR management I have done. No matter what I apply for, I can't seem to get back into an artistic environment. I even quit working last year to deliberately force myself to move in a creative direction. But with no luck, I am back looking at dull, boring "regular" jobs. I can feel the life drain out of me just forcing myself to apply for them. How do you get back into the creative world once you leave it???!!!

Jan. 17 2013 11:15 PM

The photo remix challenge inspired me to finally install GIMP on my computer. In 2013, I would like to learn the tool in depth. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation, not to mention fun, that you're helping add to my life!

Jan. 17 2013 05:27 PM
Christie Fountain from Connecticut

I have studied/observed/kept notes/clipped articles/paid attention to/attempted to write poetry and fiction about/and generally been obsessed with the decline of personal correspondence and the demise of the postal service in my lifetime. It's getting worse: my favorite postal clerk is retiring this month, and my local post office's 50-year lease will end on December 31. Now I've thought of a way to pull everything together, and, thanks to Studio360, I recognize it as my creative project for 2013. On New Year's Eve I asked my son how to set up a blog. On January 1st I started a blog about letter writing, the post office, and change in my zip code. So far I am enjoying the discipline of finding something to say and illustrate with an iPhone photo every day, but it will be a challenge to sustain it the entire year. I also have a lot to learn about blogs. I've always been inspired by artists who transform real life into art, and that is my hope for this project.

Jan. 12 2013 10:47 PM
Kake Huck from Central Oregon

I shot several hours of film last spring for my first documentary short and have not even looked at the rushes, much less started my editing. I keep doing other stuff (like my teaching job, like walking my dog, like getting involved in NaNoWriMo, like, well, just about anything). I hope I can get my ass and eyes in gear, sit down and look at what I've got, and start putting it together. If you have the time to nag me sometime in April or May, I will bless you and maybe even start contributing to WNYC again.

Jan. 09 2013 10:00 AM
Joe Roche from Los Angeles

Hi. My name is Joe Roche. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people that has always wanted to complete a ground-breaking multi-media project. I have a friend in Chicago, Andy Rohr, that I’ve known since high school who’s always had the same aspiration. He’s a prolific artist and I’m an actor and a writer. Both of us are schooled in audio and video editing. In high school we swore a pact that we’d finish an incredible, epic project together – something to make people who like the odd, the weird, the unconventional weep with joy. Throughout high school, college, and into our “adult” lives, we schemed, plotted, and experimented with all manner of media. We swore we’d finish something great.

With this said, I’m pleased to announce our audio experiment “Lost Mountain Transmission.” It is a podcast involving music, spoken word, field recordings and sampling from all manner of media. Each art and pop culture artifact is combined in a sort of “exquisite corpse” style to create a textured listening experience, an expansive audio terrain for the listener to traverse. We swore a blood-bile-bone-and-soul-oath to finish one episode every two weeks for one year straight, no matter what, no matter how strange an episode turns out.

That’s our only rule: a completed episode…EVERY TWO WEEKS…NO MATTER WHAT…FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR.

Rohr is in Chicago and I’m in Los Angeles now. We take turns editing what we’ve recorded. Then we post it. No matter what.

Please look for us on iTunes. It will be, if nothing else, something to bend your minds.

Jan. 08 2013 07:08 PM
Mark Knight from Philadelphia, PA

In 2012 in Philadelphia PA, I co-founded a theatre company (The MacKnight Foundation). We put on several 'guerrilla' shows with our Overknight Theatre program, a 24 hour playwrighting process (that's 'wrighting' not just 'writing'!). We also curated a new annual festival in the Shubin Theatre - best little theatre in Philly! We produced a double bill of new plays as part of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe.
But what ticked me off - and made me form 2013's resolution - was that I was invited by Backstage, (the USA's biggest theatre periodical) to write a column as part of their Take 5 Series. I made it my business to write about Philly's theatre scene which is woefully represented in Backstage & other national media, online & off. The column lasted a short while & then got pulled. So I'm going to write that column and show Backstage that Philly's a great theatre town.
Oh, and all the stuff the MacKnight Foundation did in 2012? We're doing alla that & more in 2013.

Jan. 08 2013 10:46 AM
Sandy Katz from Toronto, Canada

My creative New Year's Resolution is two fold. I am working on a 10 minute solo performance based on an autobiographical story. THEN I would like to develop the 10 minute piece into a full length solo show. I haven't acted on stage since high school and I am in my mid 40s. This is scary and thrilling and exhilarating!!! Wish me luck!

Jan. 07 2013 08:30 PM
John Z from Shaker

To really finish the website that I started when I was unemployed. It was a work of fun and passion. I love trivia probably because the only information I seem to retain is trivial. Haha. My intention would be to redesign, improve and refine the site and then unleash it on the world. For the purposes of sharing my passion with others, causing fun and sparking thinking in others. And maybe make a little cash to help put my two daughters through college in a few years.
Now is the time. "Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now. - Goethe". I love this quote, now I need to live it. And begin it.
Good luck to all in their personal endeavors and meeting this 2013 resolutions.

Jan. 07 2013 10:41 AM
carlton johnson from Winter Park, FL, USA

My creative resolution for 2013 - & I hope that by putting this on the site will motivate me more - will be complete and publish my first book of poetry. I was recently included in an anthology that came out last year (Love and Other Passions) but I would love to be able to publish a volume of my own work.

Jan. 06 2013 07:31 PM
Shelly Thomas from Flagstaff, AZ

I want to complete a screenplay about my mom starring Meryl Streep and Bill Murray. I figure if I write it here, and others see it, maybe it will hold me to it.

Jan. 06 2013 04:07 PM
Valerie from St. Charles, MO

Now that the New Year has started, I guess I'm a little late in coming up with a resolution. As a rule I don't get on the bandwagon about these things but what the hell; over the Christmas holiday I decided to knit as many gifts as I could. I have been knitting since I was 14, my mum had taught me as a creative outlet for my A.D.D. so I wouldn't have to be medicated.

I am 20 now, currently in college and unemployed (but looking for a job). Last fall I knitted novelty hats for my friends to help pay for gas, so I could get to school. That was the first taste of creating something; for some one else under a deadline. It was nerve wracking and exciting. I got quite a reputation at school; people who I sort of knew were coming up to me and asking me to knit for them.

So this year I plan on finishing all my knitted projects in a timely manner. Actually setting time aside and logging in the hours. Also trying new styles and patterns. And maybe, just maybe be brave enough to make a pair of socks.

Jan. 06 2013 03:02 PM
Jess Dunlap from athens, ga

i am 30 years old and have a lot of wasted time to make up for so this year is a big one: draw one comic every day, produce one small graphic novel by the end of the year, write and illustrate 10 pieces of flash fiction, finish proposal and piece for one collaborative work of interactive public art, enter one contest or submit to one publication every month. whew!

Jan. 06 2013 12:32 PM
Louise Flax

Find a gallery where I can display and sell my art work. Be willing to embrace multiple rejections in order to find the right match. Continue to document my work and post it on my FaceBook page.

Jan. 06 2013 11:28 AM
Pete from Yonkers

Play more guitar, memorize tunes so I don't need "cheat sheets" and FINALLY write some songs!

Jan. 06 2013 11:20 AM
aggie pelletieri from Saranac Lake, NY

My now husband, then boyfriend and I started on out with a script, a 16mm camera, a sony walkman sinc. sound recorder, a 66 Chevy Nova convertible, and a couple thousand dollars. That was 1985, the plan was to make a film that later we would turn into a short. My husband had worked on a few films and writes. I was along for the ride and adventure. I had just turned 21. We traveled 10,000 miles in that car, coast to coast. Left the car in storage as we traveled to Mexico to film. The script was based on a fictional character we were in search of. We filmed in Waculla Springs, FL, Fort Sill, Ok, Montreal Canada, Mexico City and Lynchburg, VA, to name a few. My point is upon our return to our upstate home town....life happened. We began to edit the film but needed to find work to make money to continue the process. Of course some other priorities became apparent and the film project was put on hold. Long story, long we have made a commitment to finish the film. My husband found an editing table, purchased it and we have started the project again. After 28 years. We considered turning the footage into digital but feel that 16mm film still holds a quality that is unique and special. Our hope still holds true to create a short film.

Jan. 05 2013 06:35 PM
Rebecca Marks from Piermont, NY

As an undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence College in the mid-60s, I concentrated in creative writing. My grandfather, a Romanian immigrant, had published a novel in 1928 in English, and he was always my role model. But I decided to get married a month after graduation, and soon had two children and then a divorce on my hands. To support myself and my family, I went to law school and began working as a lawyer. When I remarried, my new husband had 4 children of his own, and I put him through Massachusetts College of Art, worked full time, and ran a household of 8. Needless to say, there was no time to write the fiction I loved. Many years passed. I went back to school for an MBA, had a great career in technical writing and management, and still held dear the desire to write novels. Then, five years ago, after my husband had passed away too young, I took a summer class at Sarah Lawrence. My appetite for writing fiction was rekindled. In the five years since, I have completed three novels and a memoir, continued to take classes, and participated in a writing group of like-minded people. My mot recent novel, Paint It Black, is the culmination of years of learning, honing, and delight. But, it is not published, nor are any of my other writings. My fervent "New Year's Resolution" for 2013 is get this book published, one way or the other! I'm ready for the "big time" now, at age 66!!

Jan. 05 2013 04:42 PM
John Schwarzman

When my grandson was born several years ago, I decided to write a book of family history for him. More than a catalog of births, marriages and deaths, I wanted to include stories about the lives and times of ancestors and family members, most of whom he would never know. I began to collect photographs and papers and stories from living relatives, and also started doing a little research on my own. I didn't think it would take more than a few months.

However, the more I learned, the more I learned there was to know. I learned that some things I thought I knew about the family were completely wrong. I learned from a relative's offhand comment that a great uncle had committed what turned out to be a sensational, headline-grabbing murder. I learned that, to keep the early 20th century Jewish population in New York from exploding, boatloads of eastern European Jews were diverted to Galveston Texas. Who knew?

I began to purchase old advertisements on Ebay for products my parents, grandparents and great grandparents used to show how they lived their everyday lives. I also began to realize that I am at a unique point in history where I can use a computer to scan in old documents, search online archives and create a digital file for a book, but I still have access to printed newspapers, magazines and advertisements before they disappear forever.

So why isn't it finished? Mainly, it turns out that there's a lot to show and tell. My little book has fallen victim to "scope creep." My motto now is "It won't write itself." But I am close to finishing, and determined to get it done before the kid is old enough to actually read it. Maybe 2013 will be the year. It'd better be.

Jan. 02 2013 04:10 PM
Mary Cairns from Galloway, NJ

To return to art...create some.

Jan. 02 2013 12:59 AM
Howard from Syracuse,NY

My new years resolution is to finally finish a book I’ve been writing for over 25 years as a chiropractor-natural scientist, natural philosopher, and idealist from the 70’s.

I’m on a mission to bring the 4 elements back into vogue – helping Nature’s four elements to be seen as a rosetta stone for understanding this world better, so we might each live a more inspired, productive, interesting life.

Because they represent a primal, holistic pattern – repeating on every level of Creation, Nature and our human condition – it has been hard to stop and say, “this can be for the next book”.

More so, perhaps, because I do feel like my research with the four elements has the potential to be paradigm-changing I want to get it right – and make it assessable to a variety of different kinds of people.

Jan. 01 2013 12:58 AM
Sarah from New York

There are so many wonderful ideas here, I'm awed by the creativity and fear my own goals to be less worthy - which is exactly the point of this New Years Resolution! I've spent a lifetime honoring my Muse - working in different mediums as the content demanded - but then have failed to honor the resulting work with its well-deserved marketing. Despite my lack of business savvy, my paintings have enjoyed one-person museum shows; my video art has been screened at The Kitchen; The New Museum and on a jumbo-tron in Central Park... and one of my plays has been read by Susan Sarandon, James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo, Cynthia Nixon, Kathleen Turner, Edie Falco, Billy Crudup, Katie Holmes, Jeremy Piven, Samuel L. Jackson and many others. So why do I feel like an outsider artist? Because I've been shy about getting my work out there in a systematic pro-active manner. Promotion is a muscle too. Like inspiration, it comes more readily when used. So for 2013, I've promised myself to get it together - get all my work into digital format, get a website, update my DYI filmmaking skills, submit my plays to festivals. In short - do the less appealing part of the job of being an art-maker.

Dec. 31 2012 10:34 PM
T Lindis from Brooklyn

Write essays. Write and finish the novel I started this past November then sell it. Revise old stories. Write new ones.

Dec. 31 2012 08:38 PM

Write a children's book. I have a story in mind, I need to find an illustrator.

Dec. 31 2012 07:29 PM
Luca from Brooklyn

My new year resolution: to finish this book on string theory I've been writing!

Dec. 31 2012 06:39 PM
Dawn from Brooklyn

Contentment through daily spontaneous singing.

Dec. 31 2012 03:55 PM
GM from Hell

to stop reading this blog is mine....

Dec. 31 2012 03:50 PM
Robert from MN

About a year and a half ago I began waking the three miles to my job as an elementary school teacher. I have always wanted to try taking a picture a day, but have thought it too big of a commitment. This year I am going to try to take one picture on my walk to work. I will begin January 2. During the summer I'm not sure what I will do, but I will definitely begin again next September.

Dec. 31 2012 03:50 PM
nsmartin from San Francisco/NYC

After four published non-fiction books, one poetry collection, hundreds of magazine articles and a handful of short stories, to finish my first novel. Now that I have the time, I seem to have lost the drive.

Dec. 31 2012 12:31 PM
Michelle Peterson from Albuquerque,NM

Finish a short story and get it published! Begin working on a novel! I CAN DO THIS!!

Dec. 31 2012 12:15 PM
Catherine from Brooklyn

I used to paint and draw regularly - I have trunkfuls of my oil works and watercolors from about a decade ago, when I have a prolific output. I also used to photograph regularly, using an old manual-forward film camera.

Lately writing has taken over -in a work sense, but also creatively. I'd really love to get back to the visual world, however, as I feel it would greatly contribute to my written work.

My hope for 2013 is to get back to a wordless creative state on a more regular basis, to stop relying on words for personal expression, to re-embrace the artistic side I fear has gone missing amidst the rush of adult responsibility over the past decade.

Dec. 31 2012 11:55 AM
Jennifer Fucci from Lynbrook, NY

For the past two years, I have planned to create a "neighborhood community website." This website would be used by a community (within a zipcode, i.e)and be a place where neigbors could really help one another by listing items they no longer need for pick up, where they could post help they need like painting a room or borrowing a piece of equipment for the day, where a neighbor could let the community know of a sick person and people could leave fresh cut flowers on her door on a specific day. (There is a family with a terminally-ill baby that I am thinking about doing that for this family) Or, people could volunteer to cook a meal each night for a week and drop off at a new mom's home. The list of good deeds are endless! But the idea of checking in (and involving our children)in all acts of possible kindness thrills me and I really want to do this. Imagine if it was up and running during the past Hurricane and people could see exactly what items their neighbors needed. I live just miles from Long Beach, NY where people where very hard hit. Because it is a "community" site, it will give people the comfort they may need to concretely help others.

Dec. 31 2012 11:54 AM
Sunil M from Brooklyn, NY

I'm setting out to create 365 drawings/paintings/images of people. My goal is to post one every day of the year.

Dec. 31 2012 11:27 AM
Heloisa from Cape Verde

I want to FINALLY call CAR TALK.
Problem is: I never owned or wanted to own a car, I only had bikes in my whole life (I am 39!). I love Car Talk, though. Maybe I should buy a car? an old one so it breaks and I have a reason to call them?

Dec. 31 2012 11:21 AM
Naomi from New Jersey

I want to do something nice for myself every day.

Dec. 31 2012 10:17 AM
sarah port from NYC

Learn spanish so I can speak to my fiance's family in their own language.

Dec. 31 2012 09:41 AM
andee from USA

MORE MURALS!!! www.chicNhair.com

Dec. 30 2012 11:32 PM

This poet's coming out of the closet to sing!

This poet's gunna hit the stage singing
It's a fear I've fed too freeking long
I'm committed this year
Thanks to you Kurt my dear
To turning the best of my poems to song.

Tho I haven't a clue, about just what to do
I'll just use my soul, body and brain
Then I'll sing them aloud--on my own--to a crowd!
And then shift more to song and then sing out again.

You see, singing's so different than poetry
At least it's a challenge for me
It's a whole new dimension--and, oh shall I mention
My-best-listeners have-been-dashboards, and dishes, and me.

So, I guess this begins my long journey
And ends one of music-less sound
Since I write this waltz here
Thanks to you--Kurt my dear
I will sing this one too to folks all the year round.


Dec. 28 2012 05:12 PM
Valetta from Westtown, PA

After several "meetings" and "discussions" with two other women artists, we came up with a plan to present an installation called THE BIG WEDDING in which we explore the similarities in all cultures when performing their rites of marraige, agreeing to put a "tongue in cheek" spin on it. I resolve to create all the components for the installation that I agreed to make. In 2013 I will make the large bride mobile, the tiny groom and his chair mobile, manufacture a special frame for the Japanese print I made, print out the border design to hang in the gallery--- Oh, I'm getting tired, but I resolve to get it done by May, our deadline for the installation! Valetta

Dec. 28 2012 02:08 PM

My goal is to write at least 50,000 words on my secret blog. It's an arbitrary amount, equivalent to a nanowrimo, (the last two of which I haven't been able to succeed at because I've been working on term papers) I figure if I can stretch it over a year it should be manageable. That is if I can keep coming up with content, which seems to be the problem plaguing my usual blogging efforts. I usually only get a few months into a blog, writing short weekly posts, but then I run dry of ideas. However, this project might keep me going.

As a friend told me, successful writers simply have a profitable neurosis, characters pop into their heads and demand to have their stories written. For me it isn't characters that pop into my head, but ideas or concepts which demand to be let out. I will not tell the name or the address of the blog though, The contents of it sort of require the freedom of anonymity. Even though it is anonymous, checking up with me to see what I've learned from the project may help greatly.

Aside from that, I have stories I'd like to tell, maybe I'll try to be a guest on a story telling podcast. In general I'd like to get involved in more creative works and give back, I owe a lot to everyone who puts out these great podcasts and other works that have helped to keep me sane through the long workdays at the factory, working to pay for college.

Dec. 27 2012 09:49 PM
Marianne from Upper West Side, NY

I got the website up. I collected the stories. I got my production crew. I learned Final Cut. I storyboarded.

Then, when it came time to actually get 'er done, I stalled.

For the past five years I've been "talking about" The First Times Project. The idea in a nutshell is to tell people's stories about doing something for the first time. With a combination of interview footage and re-enactments, each 3 - 5 minute short would feature stories from the lives of average people who had a memorable time doing something for the first time.

And I discovered unbelievable stories behind seemingly commonplace events... my first marathon, my first basketball score, my first organ performance... these were actually stories that were more about addiction, apologies, the prison system, foolishness, triumph, romance and relationships than they were about the actual "first time."

Then of course, there were the just plain outrageous. Namely, The First Time I Shot The Entire Wedding Party Completely By Accident.

So these were great stories and I was ready to go. Excited!! Driven! Organized! And that was five years ago. And now I'm too embarrassed to ever mention it in front of anyone I know.

I turn 40 right before 2013 begins. I'm unencumbered by a job or kids. I've saved up enough money. If ever there is a time to do this, surely it is now. But a kick in the pants and the threat of accountability would *certainly* be a big help.

Dec. 26 2012 07:57 PM
Matthew Vetrini from Qatar

I'd like to learn to play the Ukelele well enough to use in teaching my EFL classes. Also, so that I can accompany my son when he plays piano.

Dec. 25 2012 02:56 AM
12-String Frank from Staten Island

I play 12-string guitar in a progressive rock style.
I have been learning some very ambitious songs from progressive
rock bands and I plan on finishing them so I can then go out and
perform them for their 40th anniversaries. I also need to write
many more originals. Believe it or not, these are what I am trying
to learn for just one guitar:
Genesis "Supper's Ready"; Yes "Close To The Edge" and "And You and I"; Renaissance "Prologue"; Gentle Giant "Advent of Panurge".

Dec. 24 2012 05:36 PM
Sara Nics

To keep things simple. And to take up the tango again.

Dec. 24 2012 08:47 AM
Malcolm Thorpe from Salt Lake City, Utah

This started 20 years ago when my children became bored of the standard bedtime stories. They challenged me to make up new ones and together we did. After I tucked them in I would then sit at my old mac computer and type the stories onto a floppy. There they have remained for decades and my youngest is now 26. The rest of the story is easy to predict. I intend to self-publish "In the Woods", a series of short stories for kids that help them realize we all have something special in us. I finally have an artist who is actually a co-worker at the television station where I work and we are already developing the characters visually. Wish us luck.

Dec. 24 2012 02:19 AM
Najla Ahmad from Stafford, VA

My goal is to create an animated DVD with 3 episodes. The show is in the same spirit of Dora the Explorer or Ni Hao Kai-Lan in that it will teach kids important concepts while exposing them to a new culture. Our show will teach kids scientific concepts while also introducing them to South Asian culture. At a time when there is so much misunderstanding about that area of the world (rampant Islamophobia, the shooting at the Sikh temple, etc), I think this is an important issue.
The main character is female. I want her to be a role model for all children, but especially for girls. As a woman with a background in Computer Science, I have seen what it is like to work in a traditionally male dominated field. I want girls to explore scientific concepts and truly enjoy learning about them the way that I do.
I am responsible for the concepts, characters, animation, and script writing. Luckily my brother is an extremely gifted musician and has pulled together a team to work on the music and sound. Hopefully some time in 2013, children will have the opportunity to watch a show about two things that I am passionate about: science and the culture that I grew up with!

Dec. 23 2012 02:30 PM
Beth Gersh-Nesic aka Beth New York from New York

I translated the poet/art critic's first two books on modern painting and sculpture entitled "Andre Salmon on French Modern Art," and that was published in 2005. I started the revision earlier this year and hope to complete it by the end of 2013. Then I'll publish the new edition as an ebook. Andre Salmon was part of the Picasso's Gang. Translating his writing from French to English makes his insightful remarks and recollections available to a wider audience. Once this revision is done, I'll move on to his other wonderful books about life in Montmartre and Montparnasse during the early twentieth century. Our website is: www.andresalmon.org

Dec. 23 2012 11:00 AM
Tim Givens from NJ

I'd like to write a string quartet. I vowed to do one a year based on my experiences with my two daughters. Now they're 17 and 13, and I have yet to write anything. Maybe if I'm successful this could be a present for them.

Dec. 23 2012 12:51 AM
Dr. Douglas Thompson from Apple Valley, Minnesota

I listen to the program up here in Minnesota on Sunday mornings, when I am commuting to Rochester, Minnesota to conduct my church choirs. After hearing last week's program, and your invitation to share my project for the coming year, I decided I would write.

For two years now I have been developing a monodrama, which will feature me as both actor and musician, entitled "Luther and His Lute." Martin Luther, known as one of the great Protestant reformers of the 16th century, was also a lute player and composer of music. Plus, he was a "very earthy" late-Medieval/early Renaissance man. But while people know a great deal about his work as a church reformer and theologian, very few know what a proficient and enthusiastic musician he was, and what a colorful personal life he had.

My monodrama intends to focus on Luther the man -- the musician, the family guy who married a nun who escaped from the convent in a barrel, the father who lost kids to death and struggled mightily with his grief and his beliefs, the "ordinary Joe" whose last written note, found in his pocket after he died, referred to us all as being "beggars for grace" -- and introduce this fascinating historical person in a new, vital way.

This past fall I was hooked up with a professional dramaturge here in the metropolitan area where I live, and am now working to compile stories out of my research on Luther, which I have been doing for over two years now. It's kind of a special project in that it is a unique "show" that not many others could do. I am an ordained Lutheran pastor, and have been fascinated in Luther ever since my seminary days; I hold my doctorate in choral conducting and music education; and, I am also a lute player, especially interested in music of the Renaissance. So, my academic training, musical skills, and historical and scholarly interests have all converged to give birth to this idea.

If all goes along, I anticipate being in rehearsal with the show in late spring and summer, then "test driving" it in a few Lutheran congregations here in my home satate next September or October. After that, I will be offering the show to congregations and colleges in the five-state region and, eventually, I hope, nationally. It is one of the best ideas I've ever had. And one of the few ways I will be able to make a few bucks for retirement from music!

Seriously: I'm doing this really because I love the idea!

Anyone's thoughts on my idea are welcome. Thanks for listening.

Douglas Thompson DMA

Dec. 22 2012 11:45 PM
Garry from Birmingham, AL

I've made a goal to start and finish my novel this year, at least the first draft. I tried to write one several years ago and failed miserably, but I don't think I ever grew as a writer. Three years ago, at the age of thirty-six, I was diagnosed with ADHD. The medication made me a better writer but a different writer--so different I could not recognize myself anymore. I lost my voice and my confidence. But I think I've finally built myself back up to a point where I'm ready to tackle a novel again.

It terrifies me.

Dec. 22 2012 11:34 PM
Ariel from Silver Spring, MD

I've been wanting to get into woodworking and carpentry for a few years; my husband and I were even given a circular saw as a wedding present! Yet as much as I've wanted to work with wood, it's always seemed too scary, too precise, too intimidating to get started. My husband and I now have a house and a one year old, and I would love to start making things for our home and family. A storage bench for our son's room, a small bookshelf and new counter for our kitchen/ dining area, and eventually a set of floor to ceiling built in bookshelves for our living room. I would like them to be the sort of thing that become a physical manifestation of the care and love I have for our home and family, something that takes time and intention in an age of speedy and quick. I'll be starting from scratch this year, but I want 2013 to be the year I make handmade woodworking for our home.

Dec. 22 2012 08:02 PM
birds may bite/Scott Adams from Seattle

I record music under the name birds may bite. During 2012, I’ve recorded and posted a new song for each week. I find it easy to work alone with my fleet of familiar instruments and laptop. But I’ve got friends I’ve wanted to make music with and machines I’ve wanted to make friends with... So for 2013, I propose a new era of collaboration with humans I’ve yet to play with and machines I’ve yet to learn. How will this shape the music?

I propose a series of monthlong experiments that will manifest in 3 or 4 song mini-albums. Each mini-album would have a simple set of constraints.

Here are some ideas:
Cell phone drum machine (all patterns to be composed on the bus) with acoustic guitar (lush alternate tunings)

My late father (an advertising man) made a bunch of recordings on reel to reel tape in the late 60’s/early 70’s. He would interview me (aged 4 or 5). demo radio ads, and more. I want to find some gems and make music to complement my dad’s creations.

A punk album: my drummer friend playing junk percussion (all items from the garage and yard) and me playing accordion through my guitar effects.

Many more ideas to come. A poke and a prod from Studio 360 would really raise the stakes and help with accountability! To check out my song-a-week project from 2012: https://soundcloud.com/#birds-may-bite

Dec. 22 2012 06:58 PM
Carlos Webster, MBA from New Jersey

Serving our Nation with systematic energy is my “final life’s destination”. A social entrepreneur, I’ve launched The Answer! Project (c) during 2012 with a resolved mission of leading and increasing the significantly inactivate power (and benefits of) connective discussion among American secondary students on the topic of their Educational Opportunity. I will advance this effort by leading a new national conversation. One core objective is to raise the perceived value of the student’s Educational Opportunity in their minds through reality conditioning, case examples, relevant information & skill development. A summary of The Answer! Project (c)is available at http://www.USAdvancEdu.org/ .

Following a rich, multi-industry career, I am dedicated to being a unique champion for improvement and grow through public interactions and purposeful communications. My work will shift the tendencies of many American students toward using systematic thinking which can lead to enlightenment on global-to-local issues and LifeSkill matters. Advancement in this area will support current nationwide efforts to improve secondary education.

A related goal is to advance the student’s predisposition toward increasing energies and focus on their school studies, individual development and available community involvement. The Answer! Project (c) is poised to offer perspective as needed re: students’ understanding of and skillful use of new technological and legacy tools and skills.

This work will naturally offer school communities and their various stakeholders personalized programming to facilitate ongoing improvement activities. Here’s to improving conditions for America during 2013 – I am dedicated to making unique contributions to help make this a reality.

Dec. 22 2012 09:04 AM

My project I am working on is re-telling the love story of my grandparents through their love letters. I am creating a blog that will contain pictures and letters telling the stories through letters that were kept during World War II while my grandfather was stationed at camps and over seas. I started going through pictures and the letters so meticulously kept and I already feel more connected to them. I am also discovering more about these people and in turn learning about myself. Besides satisfying my own curiosity, I and hoping to inspire others. My blog will hopefully trigger my web-site so other can share their stories too! We always yearn for authenticity and love and through story telling we can keep it alive.

Dec. 21 2012 06:53 PM
SeeMeTellMe from New York, NY

In the coming year I am going viral! Inspired by the connectivity of the street art movement, interactivity of social media and a desire to free art from its function as commodity I have created and placed over 2500 tiny street art collages throughout New York, London, Paris, Louisville, Pittsburg, Seattle, and Sydney since 2010. This year my work will become more political and topical, I will explore more types of media and art issues, I will create and place more work in concentrated areas of the city and report on the placements on all social media platforms. See Me at seemetellme.blogspot.com

Dec. 21 2012 03:36 PM
Lori from Central MA

I want to tell a story on The Moth StorySlam stage.

Dec. 21 2012 03:18 PM
Stevan & Ximena from Tokoname, Aichi, Japan

2013 Fahrenheit! My wife and I are sculptors living and working in Japan for near 20 years. My wife Ximena was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up (post Pinoche) in Venezuela. I am from San Francisco, CA. Our two children were born here in Japan. (Yes, a trilingual household.) When our eldest was born 13 years ago, we embarked on a self sponsored, 60 ton ceramic amphitheater project entitled: The Mountain Plaza. 2013 will be our 13th year of working on this community space built from earth and fire. We are nearing completion of a 60 cubic meter kiln surrounding the clay accoustic wall. Our goal for 2013 is to fire it. The firing will last a month and hopefully reach 1100.5 Celsius (2013 Fahrenheit). A main chapter in life's work. See more @ www.stevenandximena.com. Or come and see in person. Peace.

Dec. 21 2012 08:28 AM

I went to a liberal arts school surrounded by would-be musicians. I never took the plunge myself, that is into the performance degree I secretly desired. I would like to finally put on a cello recital. I guess I always saw it as excessively self-serving but, having given ten years to the public schools as an elementary school orchestra & band teacher, I'm ready for an artistic "me"-explosion! I see it not only as a way to live out my adolescent wish, but to rally and find collaborators.

Dec. 20 2012 11:10 PM
Eric Higgins from UT

My New-Year’s Resolutions is probably like many others. It has to do with working out more; but that is also where my resolution is going to be very different. I am planning on doing a Parkour 365 Day Challenge. (if you don’t know what Parkour is, check out my video: http://youtu.be/clcHrM2w7Zg?t=2m10s)
My plan is to do a daily parkour workout in which I use my environment to build up my strength, control, and flexibility. I am also going to work on learning new tricks every week. The whole time I am going to Blog my experiences and also post Video Tutorials, as well as a Monthly Parkour Video. I wanted to workout more, but also get a lot better than I already am at the sport so I figured this would be a good way to do it.

Dec. 20 2012 08:27 PM
Ash from Brooklyn, NY

In 2012, I started a tiny publishing company at SavetheScif.com with the goal of finding forgotten scifi books, finding their owners, getting permission, and turning them into ebooks. My 2013 pledge is to move on into at least two more genres, and to republish at least twenty great but forgotten works.

Dec. 19 2012 05:54 PM
Alison Mack from Wilmington, Delaware

I'm a few poems away from fulfilling my 2012 resolution: to write one haiku per day. Two old friends--each of whom live in different states--joined me on this adventure. We compile our monthly "output" and send it to each other and a few others for enjoyment and commentary. When I began this exercise, that's exactly what it was: a way to make creative writing part of my daily routine. However, it's become so much more than that, thanks in large part to my writing pals. Though we've been friends for decades, I daresay we know each other better than ever thanks to the miniature insights into our daily lives and thoughts that we've gained by reading each others' poems (and comments thereupon). It's been such a fulfilling experience that we're continuing next year--but instead of daily haiku, we'll be writing 100-word compositions each week.

Dec. 18 2012 09:54 PM
Jason from DC/NYC

I've always had a strange fascination with Ancient Egypt – its people, its technology, its history, and back in 2009 I started reading about the pharaoh Akhenaton. The more I read about him, his family, and in particular his mother, the more I felt a strange connection to him. I began to feel like I understood him in a way that no one else did, and that Egyptologists got him completely wrong.

I don't know why, but I felt a compulsion to tell his story, so I started writing it (even though I had no idea how to write a novel). It’s grown and morphed over the years into a sprawling suspense novel that covers two time periods and follows two heroes –Akhenaton and a modern day microbiologist living in New York City.

When I began, I said to myself, 'Oh, I'll be done with this thing in a couple of months - easily. What's the big deal? It's just writing.' But two years of effort, months of coaching, and thousands of hours of research later, I'm just now getting close to being done (probably another 40 pages or so).

By some stroke of strange luck (or cosmic serendipity), I have a couple of reputable agents who want to read the finished product, even though I’ve never written anything noteworthy. So now that I have an audience, I have no excuse not to finish it. Any checking in/prodding from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

Dec. 18 2012 07:25 PM
Christopher Waldrop from Nashville, TN

I've been writing a weekly piece, distributed by email but also archived on a web site, for more than seventeen years now. You could say I was a blogger before there was such a thing as blogging.

Strictly speaking the web site counts as being self-published, but I've never had anything formally published. This year I intend to change that.

Dec. 18 2012 03:34 PM
Kimberly Smith from Seattle

I am NEARLY done with a masterpiece. A novel which might be genre'd to 'Fantasy' or even 'Erotica', but which is 'Literary Fiction' above all, and my overarching subject--spirituality and good+evil rather than 'vs.'
This novel began over 10 years ago, may have one (ONLY one) sequel, and will be followed by a compendium of my world--full of art, maps, lists, etc. I have designed a cover and much of the rudimentary compendium. I have a stack of notes, etc., 2 feet high. All my life I compulsively created EVERY DAY--even to my detriment (I've been very poor my whole adult life). I've done zines, sung in three bands, acted/worked on 20+ plays, painted, sculpted, you name it. All this has come down, in my middle age, to "I am a writer--that is what I am". I have already written one great book. Nothing compared to this one and too dunno-what to be published. 5ish years ago I had a mental breakdown and developed writer's cramp. Art, especially, has become very very slow go, but still doable. The compendium will be a long time coming--but dammit! I've got to finally finish this life enveloping book and get beyond! Unfortunately, my, now, disability (which I will not wish to discuss in detail) feeds writer's block. I really have little--writing--to do on this book, but it is so hard to get done. I just want to finish the first book by 2014. Maybe help? Thanks for reading anyway.

Dec. 18 2012 01:11 AM
Kimberly from Beverly, MA

This year I plan on completing a work book for those interested in learning the spatial properties of color and how to apply them to architecture, "Intentional Color". This has been in the works for a long time, but now's the time to get it done.

Dec. 17 2012 09:27 PM
Nick Esquer from Scottsdale, AZ

I've been trying to write a novel for years on Amelia Earhart and her younger life, before she started flying. I want to recreate her upbringing and what turned her on to aviation. I can research all I want on the historical side of it, but I do want to instill a high level of historical fiction. Not sure how to achieve this......

Dec. 17 2012 04:47 PM
Ellen K from New Jersey

I resolve to finish the needlework birth announcement for my daughter. It will be done in counted cross stitch and and have a tender picture of a girl holding a puppy, my daughter's name, and birthdate. Considering that she is about to become a Bat Mitzvah this year, I think it is about time! First I had to finish the ones for her siblings. By then, she was old enough to want to have a say in the pattern selection. Do you realize how hard it is to find a suitable pattern with a girl and a dog? Girls and cats - plenty. Boys and dogs - plenty. Not so much girls and dogs. What is a puppy-lover to do? (Regardless of breed and age, all dogs are "fluffy puppies" to my daughter.) But all that is behind me. The project has been started. This could be the year it gets finished, framed and hung!

Dec. 17 2012 02:36 PM
Andrew Nelson from Murfreesboro TN

Two recently widowed but young at heart musicians resolve to perform live, with a sideman or two, an album's worth of our original material recorded in Nashville over 40 years ago. Alison and I were college aged long hair singer/songwriters in the spring and summer of 1971 when we recorded 10 songs at Buzz Cason's Creative Workshop in Nashville. I was the pianist and Alison was the folk guitarist and vocalist. Most of the songs were Alison's but we co-wrote two and I contributed one. 2 months ago I digitized the original reel to reel demo tapes so we could relearn the music we have not played or heard for over 40 years. Our 2013 live performance event is the promo concert that did not happen in the 70's. We were young sponges soaking up the sound of the Nyro/Taylor/Mitchell/King singer songwriter albums of the time and though our friends and peers won't recognize the tunes, we hope they will have a nostalgic reaction to the style.
Kurt and staff, we have lots of good backstory on the 1971 sessions. I'd be glad to send in a few MP3's of original session.

Dec. 17 2012 11:01 AM
Victoria G. from Los Angeles and New York City

I’d like to start my own radio program. Called “Escape Artists,” the 30-minute show would consist of interviews I conduct with people from all walks of life who have managed to make travel an integral part of their work. My subjects would range from volcanologists who’ve traversed the Pacific Rim to study volcanoes, to buyers for companies like Cost Plus World Market who routinely round the globe in search of Ghanaian baskets and Peruvian pottery, to airline magazine editors with a knack for discovering far-flung locales to which the rest of us will soon flock.

My hope is to convey to listeners not only the beauty and wonder of travel—but also the myriad ways in which it can be accomplished. In other words, travel isn’t just for the wealthy or well connected. Anyone with a curious mind and an ambition to see the world can do so. In my interviews, I’ll ask my subjects to share, in specific detail, how they landed their gigs, what challenges they’ve overcome in the process, and the best anecdotes from their journeys.

Dec. 17 2012 02:52 AM
Ellen Zerkin from Brooklyn, NY

In 1973 I joined Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus and worked as a showgirl for one season. Many of the showgirls ordered special rug hooking kits with a RBB&B logo (a tiger jumping through a ring of fire) from a company called Shillcraft. While I was with the show I got through about two thirds of the rug and have been holding onto it ever since, hoping to get it finished. When I had my two kids I thought it would be wonderful to have it in their rooms. when my two grandchildren were born I thought it would be great to finish it for them. Currently the unfinished rug is sitting in a bag in my living room waiting to be finished. My New Year's resolution is to get that rug finished and hang it on the wall - in 2013!

Dec. 16 2012 11:16 PM
Mike McDuffee from Cambridge, MA

Two months ago I decided to paint. I wanted a way to release some creativity outside of my usual work day. I am an industrial designer, which means that I am able to be creative on a daily basis but there are always so many guidelines I need to stay within. I wanted to paint for me. So I did. And the painting turned out pretty good. I gave it as a gift and then felt the need to keep painting. I painted a few more and reached out to a local restaurant to see if they would be interested in showing my paintings. They are now showing 3 of paintings, and they bought one of them! I have now decided that I am going try and paint 100 paintings in the next 5 months. Then I plan on selling them, with the ultimate goal of paying off ALL of my student loans in the next year. $70,000 to go.... here are the first 6: mikemcduffee.com

Dec. 16 2012 10:55 PM
Corinne Gaile from Tampa, FL

I plan to e-publish my middle grade novel, FEARLESS FREEDOM, about a girl who participates in the 1963 children's civil rights campaign in Birmingham Alabama. I've hired, an editor, am piecing together a marketing strategy, and trying to convince myself that I can build my own website.

Dec. 16 2012 10:55 PM
Elias Lieberman from Falmouth, MA

In my day job I'm a congregational rabbi but I'm a Boomer with the heart of a folk-rocker. With a hundred or so Garageband recordings under my belt, it's finally time to get into a studio to cut a CD of original settings for Jewish liturgy as well as secular pieces. I have a producer lined up, am checking out studios, I think I can swing the financing and I'm psyched!

Dec. 16 2012 06:10 PM
Michael Krafinski from Queens, NY

Got a memory stick with notes and chapters of a fictional story I've been compiling for at least five years. I' m actually afraid to look how long it has really been. Spend lots of Sundays, in those moments between light and dark, expanding on the story in my mind and doing nothing to move the manuscript forward. Great ideas and well thought out chapter have been lost and found while I never take time to work on the project. Have a difficult time overcoming feelings of inadequacy that I only have a high school diploma, and fear of rejection if it ever gets finished. Probably would benefit from a swift kick. Simply can't overcome a blue collar life surrounded by peers that never read a book. Have some of my best ideas, listening to podcasts,, smoking cigars, and enjoying cocktails while I kid myself that I'm a frustrated Hemingway. A few adult education courses probably couldn't hurt, but never seem to find the time. Happy New Year Kurt, and greatly enjoy your Saint Nicholas story every year.

Dec. 16 2012 05:23 PM
Lydia Bird from the shores of San Francisco Bay

Got a little jolt of adrenaline this morning at going-on 2 a.m., “Is there some creative project you’ve been meaning to bite off for years…?”

I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions, but a couple of weeks ago, looking to 2013, I jotted, “Finish the book. Without disclaimers.” A couple days later, I read on a friend-of-a-friend’s website, “There’s a stage that creativity researchers call pre-contemplation, and it’s OK to spend enough time there that you’re really ready to contemplate committing and then actually commit and follow through” and I jotted, “I’m really ready.” And then the early-morning broadcast of Studio 360 on KQED.

The book is a memoir. The material has taken a lot of different forms, over a lot of years (okay, a lot of decades, one crucial scene typed on a manual typewriter circa 1979 in a farmhouse near Chichester, England), and for the first time I know where to go with it, how to frame it.

I published a memoir last century—excellent publisher, good reviews, less than stellar sales—and I’m not sure if that’s a help or a hindrance. I know how hard it is to write a book, even if you know where you’re going. I work as a freelance editor, and I know too well the challenges and upheavals in the world of publishing.

But 2013 is the year. No disclaimers.

Dec. 16 2012 03:42 PM
F Clark Williams from Nashville TN

Finish the music video of my Spanish translation of a 1970's pop hit.

Finish converting photo negatives to digital, print selected photos, and submit to gallery.

Complete lecture/performance piece on modernist poetry.

Dec. 16 2012 03:14 PM
Peter Max Lawrence

I intend to finally finish my debut feature length film which is an expansion of the short QUEER in KANSAS ( http://petermaxlawrence.com/presskit/2011/QIK/QIK.html )

This project has been on hold for nearly four years now and IT MUST GET DONE!

Peter Max Lawrence

Dec. 16 2012 01:47 PM
William Harwood from Nashville

I'm a teacher with a creative streak -- I've earned both a Peabody and a CODiE Award for my educational efforts -- and, for years, have had the dream of founding a league of middle school teams in which the games combine classic PE elements like dodge ball and capture-the-flag with standards-based learning in math, science and social studies. The concept involves a gym, two teams, two giant world maps, (I used 10'x20' "dymaxion" maps created by Buckminster Fuller), dodge balls, and lightweight foam cylinders which players use to graph three dimensional data sets on their respective map while defending their data from the other team. The concept is called "Ge0-Blast!" and its inaugural event is at an elite Nashville school called MBA this Dec. 28th. However, I myself am a co-founder of a charter school for underprivileged kids in a much poorer area of the city. My goal is for "Geo-Blast!" to serve as a bridge-builder to unite different kids from across the city while engaging them in their own education and empowering them to do something about the world issues -- energy use, access to clean, water, world literacy rates, etc. -- that they're playing about.

(By the way, this isn't the first time I've tried to "save the world." Back when I was a science writer at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, I created "Mission to Vearth", (www.kineticcity.com), with the intent of using a fictional story on the internet as the organizational nucleus of a nonfictional global educational play league. It didn't work, but at least I haven't given up.

I think I can get it this time, and 2013 is the year.

William Harwood

Dec. 16 2012 01:33 PM

I have been meaning to make a photo book of shots I've taken on my outdoor adventures in Washington state as a gift for my sister and her husband. They live in Tacoma and I've been visiting them (from NJ) at least twice a year for the last 11 years.

On every visit we do at least one outdoor activity together and, while they work during the week, they give me a car, camping gear, and excellent recommendations for places to enjoy the overwhelming beauty and diversity of their state. It's because of them that I took my first solo backpacking trip on the coast in Olympic National Park: 3 days, just what I could carry, entirely alone. I was 52 years old. It was one of the most formative, empowering, rejuvenating experiences of my life.

I want to give them the book as a thank you for all they have made possible for me. Because of their generosity, I have some really great stories, seen some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and discovered what I really love--the wilderness, silence, a feeling of inspiration and accomplishment after I have challenged myself physically and mentally. Because of their kindness, I'm a better photographer and a much better person.

Dec. 16 2012 12:05 PM
TEager from Bronx

create designs inspired by the clothing in the films we watch in movie club and actually make those clothes

Dec. 16 2012 11:51 AM
Lori Walker from Texas

I have always loved paper ephemera and 2 years ago I followed a rabbit trail down a path to buying a 1939 Chandler and Price printing press, for letterpress printing. I wanted to start printing for fun, and if it worked out, maybe a small business I could do from home once kiddos came along. Well I'm halfway through my first pregnancy and this beautiful ton of cast iron is sitting in my garage neglected. I just lacks a few parts, and mostly a lot of time and work to get it running. I don't want jewelry for Christmas, I'm asking for bearings and other much needed accoutrements. My goal is to be able to print our birth announcements soon after baby arrives (around the first of April). Wish me luck!

Dec. 16 2012 09:19 AM
William Ternay, Jr. from Bala Cynwyd, PA

For the past fifty years I have been an artist living in the Philadelphia area. Among the many ways in which I have made a living (painter, illustrator, teacher)the most enjoyable and challenging has been in my role as a Courtroom Artist for all of the major TV networks. I have every one of my over 2,000 ink and watercolor paintings. I've drawn the Philly mob, crooked politicians, murderers, terrorists, the U.S. Supreme Court, and more sleepy judges and egotistical criminal lawyers than I can shake my pen at.
This MUST be the year I do my "coffee-table-book," and talk a Curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art into giving me a retrospective show.

Dec. 16 2012 08:51 AM
Kate harper from Berkeley, Ca

I want to make a walking map of outdoor art in my town -- but not a traditional map -- rather, a map that is also designed as a piece of art, but is also functional. I want a person to be able walk around this town at any hour of day, and still be able to find art outside.

Dec. 16 2012 04:49 AM
Mike Conwell from Texas

I am writing my life story for my family and friends. I am up to 2008 and have three years to go before I begin to edit it. I have had three careers in aerospace, semiconductors and petrochemical and I now call myself a harness maker. I am having my right knee replaced and hope to finish the writing while convalescing. I then will edit it in three months. Here's hoping.

Dec. 15 2012 09:05 PM
Dan Fontaine from McLean, VA

From July 2007 to July 2008 I captured video everyday in order to create something I titled as 15/365. The plan was to edit each day of the year to exactly 15 seconds of video and sound. Also the plan was that I was to do the edits within 24 hours of the captured video. But that soon became not possible due to travelling etc. Anyway, I was on top of it until January 2008 but then the daily editing stopped. However, I continued to capture video the whole 365 days. A couple of months ago I decided that in 2013 I would get back to this project because my children, that are a big part of this have changed so much over the last 4, now 5, years. So, if you guys can help me or give me the kick in the pants needed to complete this FINALLY I would appreciate it.

Dec. 15 2012 08:45 PM
Jan Helling Croteau

I am an artist and a writer. I want to take photographs of my collage work and blog about them. (Not everyday but regularly.)I want to take a journey to the land of rumination.

My job keeps me going six to seven days a week. I'm director of a nonprofit Shakespearean Theater Company for kids. It is a wonderfully creative job, one I've been at for almost 20 years, but I want to give myself the time to get back to my studio work and essay writing.

Note to self... how do I know who I am if I don't listen to my pen? Or rather, how do I know where the "older me" is going if I don't ever peruse the map and take note of the internal-landmarks along the way? Let this be my Declaration of Creative Intent for 2013.

Dec. 15 2012 03:51 PM
Jim freer from Victoria bc

Create one photograph a month. No this does not mean a quick Phone shot tthough in some was they make me think of either my first 110 camera or my second pin hole. Maybe even some film if I can find some darkroom time, hard with a 2 year old.

Dec. 15 2012 12:30 PM

A New Year Resolution Guide. Download now:

Dec. 14 2012 12:13 AM

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