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Friday, January 25, 2013

Sue Grafton Sue Grafton (Laurie Roberts)

Thirty years ago, Sue Grafton started a series of novels named for the alphabet (most recently, V is for Vengeance). She’s working on W, with three to go — then, “a long nap.” Netflix ushered in a new era of TV binge viewing, and now it’s producing an ambitious new political series, 13 episodes long, that it will release all at once. And these days, every comedian has a podcast, but are they making comedy less funny?

Netflix Gets Political with House of Cards

If the cabinet nominees doing rhetorical battles with Congress don’t sate your appetite for politics, you can turn to imaginary rhetorical battles in Congress. House of Cards is a ser...


Sue Grafton, A to Z

Sue Grafton grew up pulling noir crime fiction off her father’s shelves in their Louisville home. But it wasn’t until she was in her 40s, already a published novelist and Hollywood sc...

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For Comedians, the Podcast Changes Everything

In the last few years a surge in comedy podcasting has changed the way comics work. “We’re beginning to realize our careers don’t hinge on someone in a plush office deciding to aim a ...

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Down and Dirty at the Museum of Math?

For a long time, just about the only serious math museum in America was in New Hyde Park, New York — a Long Island suburban town you’ve probably never heard of. Then it closed in 20...


Aha Moment: La Forza del Destino

As a kid, Steve Call struggled with school. “At the end of each school year, my mother would go and beg the teacher to pass me on to the next grade,” he remembers, “because I never did learn to read in elementary school.” Call had dyslexia, and although he had ...

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Rob Flato from California

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Please give it a chance.
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Rob Flato

Feb. 05 2013 12:24 PM

A quick addition to the Grafton interview: It would have been rude to remind Sue Grafton that she wasn't quite there first. Marcia Muller's first Sharon McCone novel, "Edwin of the Iron Shoes," preceded "A is for Alibi" by about 4 years.

Jan. 27 2013 02:51 PM

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