Studio 360's Battle of the High School Bands

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Friday, May 31, 2013 - 12:00 PM

Studio 360's Battle of the High School Bands

Hey, we love your band. Seriously. And we want to share it with the world.  Send your high school band’s best song to Studio 360’s Battle of the High School Bands. We’re teaming up with Andrew W.K. and Thao Nguyen to rock your summer.

Andrew W.K. and Thao NguyenOur esteemed judges:
Andrew W.K. and Thao Nguyen
(Ashley Eberbach/Nick Walker)

Whether you’re in school now, or graduated when “Blue Suede Shoes” was on the charts, upload your high school band’s best original song.  We’ll play some of our favorites on the show, talk with some of you about your band’s high points, and make a downloadable playlist of our favorites. Andrew and Thao will pick a winner and play a cover version of that band’s song.

→ Enter the contest below

Rock, soul, hip-hop, polka, qawwali, whatever your band played — but sorry folks, no marching bands.

DEADLINE: Submit your song by Sunday, July 21 at 11:59pm ET.

UPDATE 8/23: The winner of our challenge is "The River" by Bea, Rita & Maeve.

→ Listen to the song and hear Andrew and Thao's cover

→ Listen to all the entries

Thanks to everyone who shared their music with us!

Andrew W.K. and Thao talk with Kurt Andersen and kick off the contest:


→ STEP 1: Choose a song.

Your song must be an original — written entirely by you or someone else in your band, with no samples from other songs.  Covers will not be considered.

Here's Andrew W.K.'s high school band performing "My Destiny"


→ STEP 2: Upload your song here:

Send us your song via our SoundCloud Dropbox

In the Title of your song, make sure to tell us what year it’s from:

  • “My Destiny,” 1993

In the Description for your song, make sure to tell us:

By uploading your track, you are representing to us that you have the right to post it (every member of the band is okay with your doing so), and, if any members of your band are under 18, that each one has permission from a parent or guardian to do so.

You should also make sure to follow the SoundCloud Terms of Use.


→ STEP 3: Listen to and comment on other bands' tracks.

We’ll play some of our favorites on the show and give a shout-out to the winner.


Questions? Post them below or 
e-mail us.

Thanks for participating — rock on, people.



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Comments [22]


Thanks for this. I couldn't disagree more with chris from NYC. This was an excellent contest and the winners and judges did an incredible job. In my humble opinion, "real art" is anything that moves or inspires you, and it is always subjective. I'm sorry chris didn't enjoy the song, but that doesn't make it less worthy. Congratulations to the winners!

Aug. 25 2013 04:42 PM
chris from NYC

Dear radio 360,
You have a responsibility to disseminate what real art is particularly in a country which does not have a clue. The song picked as the winner aside from posessing very flawed compositional components is 'nursery school' at best and the remake by your 'esteemed artists' is even more pathetic than the original performer's. I tuned in by accident and won't do it again.
With the hope that you will get a grip,

Chris Williamson

Aug. 25 2013 11:40 AM
Chad Divel from Carlisle PA

Just wanted to say thanks for having " The Battle of the High School Bands Contest." Although it has been many years since my band recorded the track submitting it was an inspiring blast from the past. Since the deadline fell on my 39th birthday my submission was a great way to celebrate those early years. Digging up the old jam box recording from my time capsule really brought back some great memories and a much needed laugh and smile. I can't thank Studio 360 enough and my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Public Radio International and it's contributors. Chad Divel

Jul. 25 2013 03:33 PM
Jenny from Studio 360

Hi Aidan -- That's odd... Try uploading it again, and if it's still buggy, add a note to the description of the song to let the judges (and other listeners) know. Looking forward to hearing your song!

Jul. 21 2013 05:28 PM
Aidan Engel-Bradley

Hi, the sound level on my audio file dropped dramatically when I uploaded it to Soundcloud. Does it matter for the judges, or should I do something different and upload it again? Thanks.


Jul. 21 2013 03:31 PM
Jon from New York, NY

The turn of the last century 1999/2000 was a great time in New York City, which doesn't really exist any more. There were so many venues for a High School Band to play. Our band, Standpipe Siamese, regularly played at CBGB's, standing on the same stage & sharing the same dressing rooms as the Ramones, Iggy Pop etc...pretty cool! At CBGB's we got to open for both "The Vibrators," and "The U.K. Subs," both British Punk Legends. CBGB's wasn't the only venue back then that were more than willing to give a High School Band a break, we also regularly played at the great (coincidentally aptly named) Coney Island High, on St. Mark's Place, Acme Underground, and the old Knitting Factory, on Church Street, where we opened for "The Skatalites," literally the inventors of Ska music. For a High School Ska band to open for the founding fathers of Ska, The Skatalites, was probably the equivalent of the Rolling Stones - while they were still in High School - opening for Muddy Waters: amazing. All our friends & classmates always came to our shows, so we always had a very high energy crowd and a great time. Although most of these venues have gone, hopefully a similar opportunity still exists for High School bands in New York City today. However, it seems increasingly that the live stage has been replaced by the virtual stage of the internet. It was fun while it lasted. Standpipe Siamese, has three songs posted here, "Good Times," a boy's night party song, "Train To Ukraine," which is our homage to the Tetris video game theme music, and "Cry," which in a very blunt way expresses exactly what is on a High School boy's mind, then, now and for all time!! Thanks for the opportunity to share this and to check out what so many others have done and continue to do.

Jul. 18 2013 01:43 PM

Hi Finneas --

You can listen to all of the songs on the SoundCloud page:

Jul. 17 2013 10:53 AM
Keith, the bassist

For this epic Battle of the High School Bands, my friends and I humbly offer three originals from two bands--one a psychadelic-rock studio band and the other with a nuevo "northeastern Latin" feel that played live. We couldn't pick a favorite--maybe you all can? Thanks for your listening consideration! It's so great to be able to give these songs, which are a memorable part of the players' lives, a place to be heard again more than 20 years after they were conceived and recorded.

Jul. 17 2013 07:29 AM
George from NY

I love that its only about HS bands playing originals. A greatest hits cd should be released. Please listen to my submission if you're interested in 1981 pop-punk with a Star Wars twist. The Rabies - My Girls a Hologram. Good luck to everyone!

Jul. 16 2013 03:15 PM
finneas O'Connell from Los Angeles

Will there (or is there) a way for people to hear all of the songs at this point?

Jul. 16 2013 03:12 PM
Jenny from Studio 360

Hi Steve --
All the songs entered into our contest must be originals, so adapting a classical piece wouldn't qualify.
But we'd love to see that photo -- please upload it here:

Jul. 10 2013 02:06 PM
steve Medeiros from Bensalem, PA USA

My entry is a piece from 1973 from my group Nobody. How can we download a photo of group to you. And another piece I was thinking of sending. It is an adaption of different classical pieces. Would that be considered original material?

Jul. 07 2013 08:41 PM
Mandy from TX

Love the song Anna by The Snaz!

Jul. 06 2013 03:51 PM
Leital from Studio 360

Sure, you can post more than one. Thanks for entering and good luck!

Jul. 03 2013 02:16 PM
Sam Rogers-Petro from Philadelphia, PA

Hey are we allowed to post more than 1? We're having a little trouble choosing between some of them. Thanks!

Jul. 03 2013 01:11 AM
Paul Rizzo from New Jersey

Very cool contest!

Jun. 30 2013 06:27 PM
Jenny from Studio 360

Hey Ted --
The Villain was Chris Yeager's high school band. Here's the song you heard via SoundCloud:
No word on if there's more where that came from -- though I'm sure they'd be pleased to know they have a new fan!

Jun. 26 2013 12:53 PM
TedVitale from Dallas

Hey, any information on that band "The Villan" I dig the song "The Lair", and want to hear some more!

Jun. 24 2013 06:47 PM
Jenny from Studio 360

Hi Samuel --
Feel free to post as many songs as you like.
Looking forward to hearing them!

Jun. 24 2013 11:17 AM
Samuel Rader from Terrell, Tx

Oh boy, so many to classics to choose from. Is each previous band member allowed to post a different song?

Jun. 23 2013 08:14 PM
Leital from Studio 360

Ha! Let's just say most memorable. The deadline is July 7.

We look forward to hearing your entry!

UPDATE: We've extended our deadline to July 21.

Jun. 06 2013 11:54 AM
Pete from Durham, NC

When you say "best" song, do you actually mean "worst" song?!
What is the deadline for digging up this greatness?


Jun. 06 2013 11:36 AM

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