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Weird Al & Carl Hiaasen’s Florida

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Friday, June 21, 2013

'Weird Al' Yankovic "Weird Al" Yankovic (Courtesy of Imaginary Entertainment)

This week, Studio 360 gets weird. For one thing, there’s "Weird Al," playing a totally normal cover version of an Elvis Costello hit. Carl Hiaasen tries, once again, to convince America to revile Florida as much as he does. And we get an exclusive preview of Jack Handey’s tropical adventure, The Stench of Honolulu. Plus, rocker Thao Nguyen checks out some listener submissions in the Battle of the High School Bands contest, and we talk NSA leaks with Walter Kirn, who says we’re more 2001 than 1984.

Big Brother in the Era of Big Data

In the days following this month’s NSA leaks, with polls indicating that half of the country was willing to trade privacy for safety, sales of George Orwell’s 1984 skyrocketed. CNN reported that copies sold increased by 10,000% several days after the leaks came to light ...

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Carl Hiaasen’s Sunshine Noir

For someone who says he’s angry, Carl Hiaasen seems awfully nice. “A lot of the funniest writers I know, funniest people I know, have a deep vein of anger. It’s a sense of ironic outrage at things. They’re not happy-go-lucky people. They’re writing for a reason. If you go back, Mark Twain ...

Bonus Track: An excerpt from Bad Monkey

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A Half-Century of High School Bands

When we launched Studio 360’s Battle of the High School Bands a few weeks ago, we expected fuzzy guitars, but we were surprised by the sheer breadth of heartbreak we received — a half-century of adolescent angst. We called up one of our judges, Thao Nguyen of ...

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The Stench of Honolulu, By Jack Handey: Part 1

“When my friend Don suggested we go on a trip to the South Seas together, and offered to pay for the whole thing, I thought, Fine, but what’s in it for me?” From a simple male-bonding vacation, two feckless friends hatch a plan to steal a precious piece of cultural patrimony ...


"Weird Al" Yankovic Unplugs

Al Yankovic grew up in the ‘60s wanting to play in rock and roll cover bands. To his surprise, the other kids just didn’t take the accordion-playing teenager seriously. So Yankovic ditched the serious and carved out a career writing pop parodies, a field in which he’s Bob Dylan ...

Bonus Track: "Buy Me a Condo"

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