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The Heat & Eric Fischl

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Friday, June 28, 2013

 Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in <em>The Heat</em> Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in The Heat (Gemma La Mana)

This week in Studio 360, some anxiety about money. The makers of the lady-buddy-cop movie The Heat are feeling the heat to match the success of Bridesmaids, or Hollywood’s women will get sent back to the rom-coms. And an indie-rock veteran puts his reputation on the line to complain publicly about his Pandora royalties; will he become the next Lars Ulrich? Eric Fischl paints the traumas of his childhood in full color, and the band Hem sings an ode to a Superfund site.

The Trouble With Streaming Music

The title of David Lowery’s blog post said it all: “My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89, Less Than What I Make From a Single T-Shirt Sale!” Lowery, ...

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The Bridesmaids Effect Turns On The Heat

Grossing about $300 million worldwide, 2011’s Bridesmaids was so successful that suddenly major studios were clamoring to make their own R-rated female comedies. Paul Feig, the direct...


The Stench of Honolulu, By Jack Handey: Part 2

The Stench of Honolulu is the first novel by Jack Handey, the creator of Saturday Night Live’s “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey.” In this second excerpt from the book, our narrator and...

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Eric Fischl Bares His Soul (Explicit)

When Eric Fischl was first described as a painter of the suburbs, it wasn’t meant as a compliment, but he tells Kurt Andersen, “I wear it proudly.” Fischl grew up on Long Island, outs...


Live in-Studio: Hem

When Dan Messé was forming a band in Brooklyn, in 1999, the New York City borough had yet to become an epicenter of hipster rock. Their origins are quaintly analog; Messé placed an...

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Gregory Davis from Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania

I enjoyed listening to the segment on The Heat very much. That said, it seemed very odd that the ground-breaking tv series Cagney & Lacey wasn't mentioned at all (unless I missed it). Beginning in 1981 it ran for seven seasons, followed by four made-for-tv movies, winning numerous awards.

Jul. 02 2013 12:22 PM

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