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Elmore Leonard & High School Band Finale

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Elmore Leonard Elmore Leonard (Dermot Cleary / Harper Collins)

This week in Studio 360, we remember master crime writer Elmore Leonard, who died this week, with an interview from 2005. Our Battle of the High School Bands concludes when rock star judges Andrew W.K. and Thao Nguyen pick a winning song and unveil their cover version. Kurt asks Tony Hale about playing TV’s most lovable losers. We visit an installation by artist James Turrell, whose works hold light the way a cup holds water. Plus, more homework: name six great American artists who deserve to be on our paper money — we’ll see if we can convince the folks over at the Treasury Department.

Remembering Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard died this week at age 87, with more than forty novels and sixty years of publication behind him. Stephen King once called Elmore Leonard “the great American writer” — n...


Searching for Words: Your Ngram Questions

Recently, Kurt talked with the research scientists who partnered with Google to develop the Ngram Viewer. The Ngram Viewer sifts through millions of digitized books and documents, loo...

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Battle of the High School Bands: The Winner

In our Battle of the High School Bands contest, we ended up with 350 submissions spanning six decades of adolescence — from psychedelic pop to soulful hip-hop. Our rock star judges, A...

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James Turrell: Painting with Light

An installation by James Turrell can seem like a magic trick. He builds structures that seem to contain light the way a cup holds water. His work is sublime, and also difficult to acc...

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Tony Hale’s Magnificent Weirdos

Actor Tony Hale is magnificent at playing a certain kind of emotionally stunted, buffoonish man-child dependent on an older woman. On the dark comedy series Arrested Development, he’s...


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Aaron Prazan from Houston, TX

Woodie Guthrie - $1 - a most egalitarian artist for wide distribution
Georgia O'Keefe - $5 - I want the bill to be beautiful flowers and a celebration of American women
Carl Sandburg - $10 - to me, the most valuable American artist. Imagery could be from Thomas Hart Benton
Charlie Chaplin - $20 - Classic imagery for the most used bill
Frank Sinatra - $50 Since his work was not visual, I want the image to change seasonally or annually
Ayn Rand - $100 - for the Producers and Makers of the world

Sep. 20 2013 12:47 AM
Bobbi Baker from Cleveland Ohio

My six for an American stamp: Flannery O'Connor, Henry James, Frank Lloyd Wright, Maurice Sendak, Emily Dickinson, Scott Joplin.

Aug. 25 2013 01:58 PM
Pat Hanrahan from 20912

Denyce Graves, Marian Anderson, Marian McPartland, and my husband says Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens -- for your contest

Aug. 24 2013 02:54 PM

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