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Andrew Bird & The New Breed of Motorcycles

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Andrew Bird Andrew Bird (Shervin Lainez)

Are young people getting less creative? New research suggests teens’ fiction is a lot less interesting than it was in the 1990s. Performance artists tell what they really think of Shia LaBeouf and James Franco muscling in on their turf. A new trend in stripped-down, minimal motorcycle design harkens back to classic British bikes without all the baggage. And Andrew Bird and the Hands of Glory sing about what really scares them.

Are Young People Losing Their Creative Edge?

Researchers have found creativity in decline among young people. A new study suggests that fiction by adolescents, in particular, has become less imaginative since the 1990s. What’s causing young folks to think more realistically? And should we brace for a wave of dull novels by millenials?

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Studio 360’s Summer Poetry Challenge: Battle of the High School Bards

Attention young poets: Write us a poem on the theme of summer, and we’ll feature the best of your submissions online and pick a winner on our show. Send us your poem

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Mike Doughty Goes to Hell

Composer and indie rocker Mike Doughty made a New Year’s Resolution to kickstart a long-delayed project: writing a rock opera based on the Book of Revelation. How’s it working out so far? Well, the Earth hasn’t opened up to swallow him yet.

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The New Stars of Performance Art

Performance art is notoriously difficult to define — maybe that’s why celebrities find it so appealing when they’re trying to improve their artistic cred. Big names like James Franco, Shia LaBeouf, Jay Z, and Lady Gaga have all gotten into the act, and that rubs some struggling performance artists the wrong way.

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Go, Café Racer!

Motorcycle enthusiasts are bringing back a stripped-down, minimal look that recalls British bikes of the 1950s and 1960s. Called café racers, these motorcycles are pretty much the opposite of those hulking Harleys and neon Kawasakis you might pass on the highway.

Slideshow: Walt Siegl's Motorcyles

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Andrew Bird: Live from Brooklyn

Andrew Bird and the Hands of Glory play live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and he talks with bandmate Tift Merritt about how to overcome the fears that go along with being a performer.

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