Chris Hadfield: How to Brush Your Teeth in Space


Friday, January 24, 2014

Chris Hadfield’s recent cover of David Bowie’s classic song “Space Oddity” has more than 20 million views on YouTube. And not because of Hadfield’s voice (which isn’t bad, for an astronaut). Commander Hadfield was singing the song in space aboard the International Space Station. He describes the video as “a bending of science fiction and science fact.”

Social media has changed what it means to be an astronaut. Tweeting and blogging in space earned Hadfield millions of fans back on Earth — and they had a ton of questions. So Hadfield started producing videos demonstrating how he brushes his teeth or what happens to tears without gravity. He even earned a fan in his childhood hero, Captain James T. Kirk. “I had a long phone call back and forth with … I guess I can call him Bill Shatner now,” Hadfield says. “He wasn’t interested in talking about things that happened 40 years ago on TV. He was interested in what’s going on, what’s happening on-station, where are we headed next, what’s the purpose of it, what’s the actual experience like?” 


Video: Chris Hadfield sings “Space Oddity” on board the International Space Station

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Krishna Davinci

Last Saturday on your science "fiction" program about flying cars you ended with a comment about "too bad we don't have teleportation" (to paraphrase your statement).
We DO ... please interview Andrew Basiago who as a child in the 1960's was teleported extensively between New Jersey & New Mexico (in about 10 seconds)... & even to Mars (with Barry Soetoro) in Project Pegasus (headed by none other than Donald Rumsfeld). More info at:

Jan. 30 2014 05:11 PM

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