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James McBride & Videogame Spies

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Friday, December 13, 2013

James McBride James McBride (Stephen Nessen)

Kurt Andersen talks with the writer and musician James McBride, whose novel The Good Lord Bird recently won the National Book Award. McBride also brings his gospel quintet into the studio for a live performance. Kate Manning tells the story of one of 19th century New York’s most infamous, and perhaps misunderstood, women. Plus, we’ll hear about how the debut recording by soprano Leontyne Price set the bar for generations of singers.

The NSA’s New World (of Warcraft)

A new front in the War on Terror opened secretly in Azeroth. Haven’t heard of it? It’s familiar to the millions of people who play the videogame World of Warcraft. An NSA documen...

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2013 Resolutions: Final Chapters

In the final weeks of 2012, we asked Studio 360 listeners for their creative New Year’s resolutions. We followed up with a small group, promising to gently pressure them into follow...

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Kate Manning Uncovers a Notorious Life

Kate Manning’s new novel, My Notorious Life, deserves the adjective “Dickensian” — the street urchins, the secrets of the well-born, the reversals of fortune. But it’s also grittier...


Leontyne Price’s A Program of Song

Mississippi in the 1910s produced some of our country’s greatest blues artists. It also produced one of our greatest operatic singers, soprano Leontyne Price. The bar she set for si...

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In the Studio With James McBride

James McBride was a professional saxophonist for decades before he took up writing, and as an author, he isn’t doing too poorly. His first book, the memoir The Color of Water: A Blac...

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Bo from NoHo

Thought that the jazz/ gospel thang was so solid that I want to see this guy in concert. Found out he is playing New York on Jan 24…at the Public Library (makes sense…he's a writer).

I got Tix. Thanks Soundcheck

Dec. 16 2013 10:05 PM
frank from queens ny

Yes, I am interested in the musical snippets in the background as well. Can you please list the entire music credits for this show? Thanks

Doug Frazier, it sounded like the Jazz singer was covering U2's New Years Day.

Dec. 16 2013 12:28 AM
Doug Frazier from Savannah, GA WSVH

On today's show, right before the segment on New Year's resolutions, there was a musical snippet, a woman singing jazz lyrics about New Year's. Who is the singer or group, and what is the song? My resolution will be to listen to it on New Year's Day!

Dec. 15 2013 05:14 PM

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