Jessica Lange to Retire

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 04:13 PM

Jessica Lange says she’s ready to call it quits — almost.

She tells Kurt Andersen that she’s poised to finish up her performing career, which includes two Oscars and 13 Golden Globes, "in a couple years." One of those Globes was for her performance the hit FX miniseries American Horror Story. Sorry, fans: next season, she says, will be her last.

This isn’t the first time that Lange has flirted with leaving the show, though show-runner Ryan Murphy has been ever hopeful. This time, however, Lange insists this isn’t some passing fancy: “I have a plan afoot!”

“I have a play that I want to do, maybe one or two films that I’d still like to do,” Lange says. But she’s drawing a line. “If I don’t make something definitive, things just kind of keep going and keep going,” she explains. “But if I somehow say that I have two or three more years to do this and then I’m done, it will force me, like in the old days, to begin a new adventure.”

Hear more of her conversation with Kurt on this weekend's show.


Jessica Lange


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Pimmsy1 from Virginia

Jessica Lange is in an elite category of her own, one of the last of the great actresses, every part she plays is authentic and genuine in every way.
She, along with Meryl Streep are the best actresses that Hollywood holds - golden Hollywood true to the soul actresses. The rest are a dime a dozen - why else is there a new "it" girl every week?

Jessica Lange shines in her portrayal of a wickedly mean nun in season 2 of American Horror Story as well as her neighborly mother part in the first season. Blue Sky and Hush are other example of her range.

In the movie Blue Sky, Tommy Lee Jones aptly explains so perfectly to his children about their mother compared to an ice cube and water is so descriptive of Jessica Lange as herself and as she effortlessly manages a wide range of characters.

Jessica Lange is truly an amazing actress who perfected her craft.

Oct. 31 2013 10:36 AM

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