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Linda Ronstadt, Herb Alpert, & James McBride

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Linda Ronstadt (Courtesy of The Agency Group)

Linda Ronstadt’s career spanned decades and musical styles from country-rock to operetta. Parkinson’s disease has taken away her ability to sing, but she explains that she’s not ready to leave music behind yet. And Herb Alpert became famous by turning the sounds of a Mexican bullfight into mainstream pop. But his career in music far outlasted the Tijuana Brass sound. Also, novelist and jazz musician James McBride explains how he turned John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry into kind of a funny story.

Herb Alpert Isn’t Complaining

The leader of the Tijuana Brass kicked off a 50-year career in music by zoning out and missing his cue in an orchestra performance.


Linda Ronstadt’s Curtain Call

The pop singer’s career endured decades of changing tastes and her own evolving sound — until last year, when Parkinson’s disease made it impossible for her to sing.

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Aha Moment: Jack DeJohnette Discovers the Drums

The legendary jazz musician originally started out as a piano player, until a great record turned him on to the possibilities of drumming.


James McBride and The Good Lord Bird

The jazz musician and author of The Good Lord Bird says he wanted to write a book about slavery and John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry that people would actually enjoy reading.

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