Little Things Make A Big Splash

Monday, April 28, 2014 - 08:00 AM

Waterbook Day, by Kim Leuenberger Waterbook Day, by Kim Leuenberger (via)

The internet is in love with all things tiny — from Star Wars to snails, little things are getting big attention. Photographer Kim Leuenberger’s totally playful, beautifully shot series Traveling Cars Adventures takes us on a journey.

(See a slideshow below.)

Leuenberger places toy vehicles — in this case vintage Volkswagons, Mini Coopers, and scooters — in all manner of natural settings. Wind nor rain, nor snow can stop these little guys from getting where they’re going. But these photographs do more than just place a tiny toy in an outsized, real world environment; they have action, story, and heart. They are scenes we instantly recognize, but also transport us to far off places. English Rain at Notting Hill drives us through a dreamy afternoon shower; On The Road Again feels like a postcard from a cross country adventure; Sun Riding lands us on the rocky coast.

Leuenberger is a 21-year-old Swiss photographer studying at University of the Arts London. She shoots on a Canon 5D Mark III, usually with her favorite sigma 50mm lens. An avid traveler, Leuenberger brings her toy cars around the world with her, shooting them every place she goes. You can see all of her work here.

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