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Rap Lyrics on Trial & Too Much Shakespeare?

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Friday, April 04, 2014

Antwain Steward, a.k.a. Twain Gotti. Next month, the rapper will stand trial for a double murder. The prosecution is using his lyrics as evidence. Antwain Steward, a.k.a. Twain Gotti. Next month, the rapper will stand trial for a double murder. The prosecution is using his lyrics as evidence. (Facebook)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare — the Bard would be 450 this month. But after centuries dominating the world’s theaters, could you give anyone else a place on the stage? Could we try Marlowe in the Park, or an Oregon Centlivre Festival? Plus, another rapper goes on trial for lyrics that prosecutors say constitute evidence of a violent crime. And the novelist Jeff VanderMeer sees the Sunshine State as the perfect setting for an alien invasion.

Rap Lyrics Take the Stand

Next month, a 23-year-old aspiring rapper Twain Gotti will stand trial for a double murder. What led police to Steward was not a gun or a fingerprint, but the lyrics in a song called “Ride Out." 

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“Hamlet is a Mess”: George C. Wolfe on Shakespeare

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Aha Moment: I Am Hamlet

As a teenager, Jeff House watched Christopher Plummer play Hamlet on TV with his big sister, who was enthralled; House was nonplussed. “The language didn't make sense,” he remembers....

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Enough with the Shakespeare? 8 Playwrights You Ought to Know About

It’s curious to note how few plays are ever performed that date between Shakespeare’s death and 1879, when Ibsen’s A Doll’s House premiered. Is there some alternative canon of classi...

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Jeff Vandermeer’s Florida Sci-Fi Apocalypse

Jeff VanderMeer is a science-fiction author for readers who don’t typically flock to the genre. The Floridian borrows from fantasy, horror, and weird fiction to create eerily famili...


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JahMan from Texas

Either it is sheer laziness, lack of intellectualism towards the investigative challenge ( they assume criminals can simply be modeled )or again race. I lean towards race, else Eminem should be on deathrow by now! Disgusting! SAMPLE EMINEM LYRICS "MURDER MURDER"( Left the keys in the van, with a gat in each hand
Went up in Eastland and shot a policeman
Fuck a peace plan of citizen bystands
But shit is in my hands, here's your life span
For what your life's worth this money is twice than
Grab a couple grand and live a nice land
See I'm a nice man but money turned me to Satan
I'm thirsty for this green so bad I'm dehydratin'
Hurry up with the cash bitch, I got a ride waitin')

Apr. 06 2014 07:38 PM
Larry Ray from DC

As a former prosecutor, I enjoyed hearing your cast on Rap Lyrics and Crime. I was wondering why only one side was presented; that is, the side VS using rap lyrics as evidence. Sincerely, Larry

Apr. 06 2014 11:41 AM

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