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Robert Rodriguez & Searching for Wonder Woman

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez (El Rey Network)

This week, three takes on superheroes. Kurt Andersen talks with Robert Rodriguez, who likes his characters “indestructible.” Now the film director is overseeing a new English language cable network for Latino audiences. A graphic novel brings to life the Boxer Rebellion, when peasants believed the gods would give them magical powers to defeat their enemies. And will the success of The Hunger Games finally bring some female action heroes to the big screen?

Superheroes are a Boys’ Club in Hollywood

Superhero movies are so lucrative these days that characters who were once on the b-list — Thor, Captain America, Wolverine — are getting their own franchises. Meanwhile, women are s...

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Robert Rodriguez Takes Over Your TV

Robert Rodriguez burst on to the scene in 1992 with the very, very low-budget action film El Mariachi. He made hits like Once Upon a Time in Mexico and the Spy Kids series, but his la...

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Gene Luen Yang’s Chinese Superheroes

Boxers & Saints by the graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang tells the story of China’s Boxer Rebellion in vivid, explosive color. In the year 1900, peasants violently rejected Western bus...

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New Year's Resolution: Canvas In The Kitchen

What’s the creative project you’ve been meaning to get done? Adrienne Ognibene, from Takoma Park, Maryland, resolved to complete six paintings and twelve large-scale charcoal drawing...

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Live In-Studio: The War on Drugs

Back in 2005, a young musician named Adam Granduciel moved to Philadelphia to join the music scene there. “I was like an extreme hobbyist,” he remembers, never thinking a career in ...

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Jenny from Studio 360

Hi Judy --
Thanks so much for your note, for listening, and for sharing your -- and your brother's -- story.
All the best from us.

Mar. 25 2014 05:17 PM
Judy DeSimone from Philadelphia, PA

I am leaving a tragic but positive and complimentary story about Studio 360. I lost my only brother tragically the Summer of 2013. He was one of those brilliant people that had an unbearable arrogant streak. As he aged, all you could was speak about were neutral things, hoping he would not start to pontificate about the subject. Well, the Lord humbled him the last few months of his life, turning him into the "Prodigal Son" come home. During this time we had many deep, heart warming conversations. Coincidentally, one of the things we found we had in common was the fact that we loved listening to Studio 360. In Philadelphia the show broadcasts at 7 AM, not a convenient time of the day for many. However, we were able to listen due to job commuting times. During his last months we always made a point to speak about your guests for the week. My brother seemed to expand about your segments, especially the works of Kurt Anderson.
The last month of my brother's life was spent with me. He did not listen to the radio, but when I heard your show, I made a point to fill him in on your weekly features.
Now, when I listen to your show, it connects me to the wonderful brother I had and a small piece of pleasant togetherness we shared.

Mar. 22 2014 04:12 PM

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