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Son of God & Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Last Role

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Friday, March 07, 2014

Diego Morgado in Son of God Diego Morgado in Son of God (Casey Crafford)

For the first time in a decade, Jesus is starring on the big screen, and the creators of Son of God are determined to avoid the bad blood from last time. Producers of the final Hunger Games movie attempt to resurrect Philip Seymour Hoffman, digitally. And Kurt Andersen talks with the composer Harold Budd, whose music is subtle, contemplative, and unabashedly beautiful.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Final Performance Will Be Digitally Created

When Hoffman died last month, he was still in the process of filming the final The Hunger Games movie. The film’s producers are attempting a 21st century solution: creating new foota...

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New Year’s Resolution: Move to the City, Start a Band

What is the creative project you want to tackle in 2014? Gabriel Walker, from Maysville, Kentucky, has played guitar for 40 years. But his music got sidelined by a career in sound de...

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From Donald Trump to the Son of God

Mark Burnett pretty much invented reality TV as we know it: Survivor, The Apprentice, The Voice. But his latest hit was the 10-hour miniseries The Bible — out of which he's carved a f...

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Philadelphia Rapper Sets Unsolved Mystery to Music

For more than two decades, an unknown artist has been leaving a message in the streets of Philadelphia. The message is has been cut by hand into a linoleum tile, and pressed into th...

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Harold Budd Isn’t Afraid to Make Pretty Music

At 77, Harold Budd’s career has taken him from bebop to avant-garde minimalism to the lush, atmospheric soundscapes for which he’s become famous. Critics call Budd “the godfather of...

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