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Three’s Company on Trial & Neneh Cherry’s Comeback

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Friday, February 07, 2014

Neneh Cherry Neneh Cherry (Kim Hiorthoy)

A stage play riffs on Three’s Company to talk about homophobia and drugs; is it fair use? Not to the copyright holder, who’s trying to block its publication. Kurt Andersen talks with comedian BJ Novak, who made his mark in The Office (as the know-it-all Ryan), and has published a book of sharp short stories that are more than comedy. And alt-pop instigator Neneh Cherry performs in the studio. Her first album in a decade is a punked-out soul record that will rip your eardrums a new one.  

Three’s Company Goes To Court

Three’s Company — the jaunty sitcom about three roommates and their double-entendre-infested apartment — went off the air in 1984. But a stage play is giving it new attention. David Adjmi’s 3C ran in New York City in 2012, but the TV show’s rights holders filed a cease-and-desist ...

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New Year’s Resolution: Make 'Em Laugh

As a young adult, Whoopi Goldberg inspired Julie Bayley to try stand-up comedy. Julie loved performing late night sets, but found herself limited by “a really horrific habit: I had to eat three times a day.” Instead, she parlayed some of those skills into a career as a marketer. Thirty years later ...

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Kurt Andersen’s Terrifying Horror Movie

Master of suspense Wes Craven has been orchestrating horror for more than four decades. Now, you have an opportunity to get a little payback. We’re challenging you to create a film that terrifies Craven (and the rest of us) in no more than 30 seconds. We couldn’t resist creating our own ...

Video: "This is Not a Test"

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This Play from Iran Is an Actor’s Nightmare

Actors face stage fright all the time. But consider this scenario: you show up to perform a one-person show, and you’ve never seen the script. You don’t know what it’s about because you promised not to do any research. It’s your first performance, and the only one you’ll ever have ...

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BJ Novak’s Life After The Office

After college, BJ Novak made the stand-up rounds for four years before landing his dream job: he was recruited for a new television show, the American version of The Office, which launched in 2005. Novak stayed for eight seasons — writing, producing, directing, and acting ...


Live In-Studio: Neneh Cherry’s Soul Punk Project

Neneh Cherry has floated between underground acclaim and pop stardom. She has the life of a musical Zelig: raised by jazz great Don Cherry among cultural luminaries like Allen Ginsberg and Miles Davis, she left home early to join a first-generation punk band in London, the Slits ...

Videos: "Blank Project" and "Weightless" live in Studio 360

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