Tim Minchin's Christmas Carol


Friday, December 20, 2013

Tim Minchin’s musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda was the toast of Broadway in 2013. The musician and comedian’s dark wit perfectly conjures both the naughtiness and sweetness of kids being kids.

So when it comes to Christmas, it’s probably not surprising that Minchin is a bit of a cynic. But we think his Christmas song, written for his daughter, is a modern classic. Sure, he’s got some bones to pick with the holiday: “all the usual objections to consumerism, to the commercialization of an ancient religion,” he sings, over a gentle waltz, “to the westernization of a dead Palestinian press-ganged into selling Playstations and beer. But I still really like it.” For an Australian living thousands of miles from home, the chance to see his parents, siblings, and Gran is a little miracle worth celebrating.

(Originally aired: November 25, 2011)


Video: “White Wine in the Sun”

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Comments [5]

Maria from Alabama

Deb, You are such a whiner; give it a rest.

Dec. 25 2013 02:16 PM
Heather from Kansas City

Yes, Christians are still the majority, so why do they have to act like a persecuted minority (not to mention spoiled children) at any public mention of non-belief, or mild disagreement, or even slight criticism? Calm down, Deb, non-Christians are allowed to exist and to express themselves.

As for the tired old "no other religion gets treated like this" chestnut, Kwanzaa is not a religious celebration, and while Hanukkah has a variety of English spellings, I'm sure that "Hannakuk" is not one of them.

"White Wine in the Sun" is a beautiful song and a very accurate reflection of how many of we non-religious people feel at this time of year. I still love Christmas. It is, however, about spending time with my family and appreciating them (and good food, and presents), and not about Jesus. And that's fine.

Dec. 24 2013 12:45 PM
Carolyn A from USA

I truly love the song "White wine in the sun" it is not a slam on Christianity, it is a song that expresses what so many of us feel this time of year, who are not religious, but liken to spend time with our loved ones and when we are not near them, we miss them the same as anyone else would.

Atheist are loving people, we have compassion the same as anyone else, more so then religious people perhaps, simply because we don't judge people because they are different in thought or life style.

I think the only reason Christians get upset with this song is because they have to admit, its states exactly what the holiday has turned into.
It's completely commercialized and has taken on a completely different meaning of what it was even 50 years ago.

Christians have never liked to admit they took the holiday that is the winter solstice celebration and made it into their lords birthday. So really they have no room to bark dislike of the song.
By showing contempt for this song, Christians prove their judgmental ways
and that what they teach children is to judge others for seeing things differently.

In response to "Deb" with the previous remark about how she is upset with this song being broadcast, she needs to remember, it's not only Christians out there and if they hadn't played the song, wouldn't that mean not taking non-believers into consideration? After all, isn't it our holiday as well?

The song doesn't single out any one religion in particular, its a generalization of all religions I feel.

A wonderful holiday season to all and thank you Mr.Minchin, I love your music and will keep listening.

Dec. 24 2013 06:12 AM
Marcia from Cleveland

Thank you for featuring this song. I think it does a perfect job of conveying how so many of us feel at this time of year.

Dec. 23 2013 01:56 PM

I am disappointed in Studio 360's programming choice to air Tim Minchin's "Christmas Song", especially at this time of the year. As a member of the Christian Majority, a term that is fast becoming a lesser reality, I appreciate Mr. Minchin's right to express his personal views. I find him to be a very clever comic and enjoy much of his humor.
It is Studio 360's decision to air this particular piece that I am unhappy with, as I am quite sure a similar shot at Ramadan, Hannakuk, Kwanza or that of other religious celebrations or observances would not have been programmed. Not all Christians are insensitive to the beliefs and rights of others, but the constant slamming of our beliefs is hurtful and unnecessary.

Dec. 23 2013 11:13 AM

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