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Wes Craven’s Nightmare & Miyazaki’s Wind Rises

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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Wind Rises The Wind Rises (© 2013 Nibariki)

Hayao Miyazaki’s final film is about World War II and the designer of the legendary, destructive Zero airplane. Is the outspoken pacifist wavering in his position on the war? The young novelist Helen Oyeyemi blends folk tales and realistic fiction — her new book, Boy, Snow, Bird, places Snow White in 1950s small town America, and asks who the real villain is.  Plus, master of horror Wes Craven picks the very best of our Scary Short Film Fest. 

Miyazaki’s Uneasy Love Letter to a War Machine

The 73-year-old director just released what he says is his final film, The Wind Rises, and it has caused some consternation both in this country and in Japan.

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Wes Craven’s Winner: Scary Short Film Fest

We asked you to create 30-second horror films. Our judge, the filmmaker Wes Craven, gave you the theme “young genius.” We got more than 300 movies — here's the winner.

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A Dance Piece That Takes You Inside The Heart

If you’re one of those people who’s shy about audience participation, you should steer clear of Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects’ “4Chambers.” Or better yet, don’t. One of the dancers...

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Helen Oyeyemi Takes on Snow White

The writer was born in Nigeria; the tale comes from medieval Germany; the setting is a small New England town in the 1950s. Boy, Snow, Bird is Helen Oyeyemi’s fifth novel, and like mo...

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Aha Moment: Madonna’s “Live to Tell”

Holly Welker was already doubting her Mormon faith when she went on her mission to Taiwan. She found herself in a strange city with few friends, suffering from a crisis of faith as ...

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